Life Changing 10 Minute Transformation | Revive

Life Changing 10 Minute Transformation | Revive

Hair extensions is a great way to add length, volume, or even chemical-free color. However, most women want thick, luscious hair all over, including the top of the head. Women experiencing intermediate to advanced stages of hair loss haven’t had the luxury of being able to find a reasonable solution for adding hair to the top of the head. About 98% of the headpieces available on the market today require the client to shave their head since the piece must be attached to the skin rather than hair.

Revive, a top of the head hair piece created by easihair pro and Bobbi Russell changes everything. Revive is not only the most comfortable, most natural way of replacing hair without shaving, but it will transform and change your hair in ten minutes or less.

Made with 100% Remy Human Hair, the patent-pending reverse tape-in hair piece will look and feel like your natural hair. After a ten minute application, the hair piece can be worn for six weeks until it needs to be readjusted. The hair piece itself can last anywhere from 6-12 months with proper care and maintenance.

If you’re also looking for extra length and volume, easiLengths tape in extensions can be used in conjunction with the hair piece. As far as sizing, Revive will fit 99% of clients. Since the base of the hair piece sits above the parietal ridge, the head shape only changes once you go below that area of the head.

Judy, the woman pictured above, knows the pain of suffering hair loss. She has been in remission for a year from Ovarian cancer and has had difficulty growing her hair back. Not only has this woman battled cancer, but her hair loss is a constant reminder of her tough journey.

After a Revive application, Judy not only gained her confidence back but her ability to enjoy life. Her smile from ear to ear says it all. Revive is revolutionizing the hair extension industry and strives to change women’s lives of all ages.

If you are a client or stylist looking for a top of the head solution, please contact us and our Revive specialist will assist you.

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