How to Make a Perfect Color Match

How to Make a Perfect Color Match

Color matching is vital to ensure that your client’s extensions blend seamlessly and naturally. easiLengths by easihair pro tape in extensions are available in 30 solid, dual-blends and tri-blends, as well as nine funky colors.

Although it would be nearly impossible to offer every color that would cater perfectly to your clients, we come pretty close. Below we’ve got some tips on how to find the perfect color match for your client as well as what to do when we’re backordered in your color.

Here Are Some Tips for Color Matching Your Client:

  1. Many clients are multi-dimensional, so you must color the match the following three areas:
  1. Tips of your client’s hair
  2. Underneath
  3. Crown area


  1. If you order multiple colors, always remember that the top panel will be the most prevalent color that will show.
  2. For trends, such as ombre, you will need to color match the tips specifically. We recommend a 3:1 ratio using three boxes of your tip color and one box of your base color, depending upon client’s natural density.
  3. If you find that your color is just a “shade off” from any of the 30 colors we offer, easihair pro recommends coloring your client’s hair to match the desired color.

Can I Color Tape-In Extensions?

If you do not find a color or colors that perfectly match your client’s hair, you can deposit on our tape in extensions. We also offer three colors (Raw Cocoa, Coffee Cake, and Marzipan) that you can lift. Make sure to not lift any more than two levels, as you may compromise the quality of the tape in extensions. However, if you choose to alter the extensions with color, your extensions will no longer be able to be returned.

Backordered Colors

If for some reason the desired color is backordered, we also offer a list of colors that you can substitute to create a similar look. Below you will find a list of our colors, along with their proper substitutions.

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