Making Over

Making Over

Woman Going Through Full Make Over With Tape In Hair Extensions

Woman Going Through Full Make Over With Tape In Hair ExtensionsTreating Yourself is Mandatory

You can’t expect to make your way through the world without taking the occasional break, or never changing. Sometimes changing is moving to a new city for a new job, sometimes changing just means grabbing a white hot chocolate instead of an espresso. Changing your mind through reading and studying is another great change that can easily be made without having to track people down for help, for those of us who are super-independent. If the change you’re looking for is one that you want to see in the mirror, don’t worry: getting a makeover is almost a rite of passage for most women in the United States. Trying out a new and exciting look, though, has a bunch of different options. You can start in one place for your small-but-visible change, and end up remaking yourself.

Make Up Palette Swap

In most cases, a makeover is assumed to be purely about changing one’s regular makeup routine. Your makeup routine, though, does matter when it comes to your appearance: your face is the first thing that strangers see, and the last thing you check before you leave the house. Trying out different colors of eyeshadow and lipstick can be a big step for those of us who aren’t adventurous, but it can also be so much fun! Whether you head into your local beauty boutique, or you decide to go wild at the drugstore, a little guidance from video and photo tutorials will leave you with a brand-new face, and lots of funny stories!

Awesome New Hair

Changing your hair is probably the second idea most people have when they think of getting a makeover. Sometimes we underestimate exactly how important our hair is to our overall appearance, but not all of us forget. If you’re looking for a quick change, look no further than tape-in hair extensions. With hair extensions, you have more volume and versatility for yourself to work with and play with. Head over to your hair care professional for the latest hair trends, and let them help you jump on board!

Cooler Wardrobe

You’re already having a ton of fun winking with your gorgeous new makeup, and flipping your gorgeous new hair. It only seems appropriate for you to have a couple of new dresses and outfits to make your New You pop. Chain stores definitely have steals that are drool-worthy, but try checking out local clothing boutiques. Maybe you’ll pay a little bit more, but there’s no greater satisfaction than supporting your community, and putting dollars into the pockets of someone like you, someone who’s probably planning a little makeover of their own!

Clean Out Your Accessories

What would a head-to-toe makeover be without the icing on the cake? So many of us have so much jewelry, we may have boxes of it that go unopened and unused for months at a time. Why not debut that old bracelet you’ve had since whenever? Why not add on that chunky necklace that you made during your last trip to Michael’s? With so many options at your fingertips, you’ve got a potential treasure trove to go through, and reclaim. If you find out that, like most of us, you’ve got way too much stuff that you don’t use, pack it up, and have a swap with your friends! It’s even more fun than the makeover that got you to this point, and you could end up scoring that pair of earrings that your bestie’s been meaning to get rid of.