The New Ombre – Soft Beauty

The New Ombre – Soft Beauty

Women Enjoying The Outdoors Wearing Her Tape In Hair Extensions-3-12

Women Enjoying The Outdoors Wearing Her Tape In Hair Extensions-3-12When Ombre Color hit the scene in late 2009 early 2010 I was not impressed. It was harsh and something only a celebrity like Drew Barrymore could get away with. It seemed like a trend that would quickly run its course.

Sometimes when it comes to new trends it takes a little bit for it to grow up and mature. I liked the idea of what Ombre Color promised. I just didn’t like the crazy contrast between the two colors.

In 2011 a subtle shift began to happen with the Ombre Color Technique. It shifted from a harsh contrast to something a little bit softer. There was still a definite difference but it was a lot more complementary to the everyday women.

2013 has seen an even softer shift. I am loving the new, fresh Ombre Color hitting the streets these days. It is a very beachy, summer look. I love the youthful playfulness.

I hear a lot of clients say that’s what their hair would look like if the they had spent the summer at the beach. Well, minus the grey roots of course!

The reality is that many clients don’t have the time to bake on the beach all day. They also don’t want to put their hair through all that damage. Doing an Ombre Technique to soften and lighten the ends of your clients hair is nice way to get this look.

Play around with diffused highlights that don’t connect all the way to the root. It gives a more natural look. Ombre doesn’t have to be outrageous. You can adjust to fit any woman’s lifestyle.

Another way, is to play with easilengths tape hair extensions. You can panel some easilengths in a lighter shade to create this look without chemicals. I have done this a look a couple times during New York Fashion Week.

Try using a lighter shade of easilengths with a darker shade on the top panel. Make sure you are dropping the length of the hair at least 4”. Play around with different lengths panels of easilengths. Try using a 12” panel of dark on top of a 16” panel of light easilengths.

Let your creativity flow! Recruit a couple clients as models to test out a couple new looks for summer. They can be your walking advertisement…

For now I say embrace the Ombre. From what I can see it isn’t going anywhere! Summer is here and women are wanting a change. Summer hair is just a couple easilengths panels away!

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