Not All Tape-in Extension Systems Are Created Equal

Not All Tape-in Extension Systems Are Created Equal

In today’s world, there are many competing products in every marketplace that claim to give the same results. Even though they may share characteristics and look similar, the way these individual products perform, feel, and the way they make us feel, often couldn’t be further apart.

Cars, for example, claim to provide safe, reliable transportation. Few would disagree that the way a Mercedes versus a Ford transports you are vastly different. Although they both have engines, wheels, doors, seats etc., their performance, comfort and safety standards provides a very different proposition for the end user.

Hair extensions are no different! Most companies correctly claim to deliver length, volume and/or color, however, the way they perform, feel and their safety standards are often worlds apart. Taking the car example a little further, just as not all models of Mercedes are created equal, so is true with tape-in extensions; not all tape-in extensions are equal.

Certain tape-in extension systems are known for excessive shedding, for hair wefts slipping or sliding out, for having gooey, sticky residue, for having limited color selections, or for dry, poor quality hair. More surprisingly, some have been known to cause tension alopecia, resulting in hair loss and in severe cases, bald spots, yet, they’re still sold in the market today.

So how are we different?? easihair pro pioneered the tape-in extension system and by having the first intellectual property on tape extensions means we’ve been around longer and solved more problems. Our patented anti-shedding technology guarantees that the hair panels remain intact over time with no shedding; our proprietary tape ensures the hair remains in the client’s hair until removed without leaking sticky, gooey residue. Most importantly, our panels are non-damaging. Of our 30 colors (not including fashion colors), we lead the industry with 22 dual and tri-blended colors. The weight of our panels in each length are specifically calculated to hair replacement standards to ensure accurate weight distribution and support.

Quality…although every hair extension manufacturer claims to be using the best quality Remy Hair, most aren’t using Remy Hair at all. There are few companies who possess the technical knowhow on how to retain the cuticle on Remy Hair during production to avoid mass tangling. In our opinion, if you cannot retain the cuticle on Remy Hair, you might as well be using Non-Remy Hair. And in an industry full of tricksters, how can you be sure the hair is in fact Remy Hair? The only 100% indication that the hair is in-fact Remy Hair is if the hair still has cuticle intact. Non-Remy Hair cannot be used in hair extensions until the cuticle has been removed. EasiLengths is 100% cuticle-intact Remy Human Hair.

When you choose easihair pro you choose a 2nd generation family business that has been in the alternative hair business for almost 50 years with distribution in 32 countries. We have been using the same human hair joint venture manufacturing partner for 23 years. The only thing better than our quality of hair is our education and our team, because no matter how good you are at applying hair extensions or the quality of the hair, if you can’t sell it and generate repeat business, you might as well not offer it as a service.

So before you commit your hard earned dollars… do your homework. Do your research to make sure the company you choose aligns with your and your clients’ values. If you look at our accomplishments on our website, google our artists, or ask our customers what they think of us, they’ll tell you that we are NOT the Mercedes of the industry, but, in the words of Peter Gray, the world’s best hairstylist, we ARE the Rolls Royce.

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