Prepping for Date Night With Tape In Hair Extensions

Prepping for Date Night With Tape In Hair Extensions

Couple in love looking trough window

Couple in love looking trough windowWhether you are preparing a client for an exciting blind date or getting them ready for a date night they will never forget, making sure they have the most beautiful hair possible is absolutely vital for creating a gorgeous look. When you have clients coming in who are prepping for a date, it’s smart to give them the idea of applying hair extensions.

Using Tape In Hair Extensions for Date Night Hair

When women are getting ready for an exciting date night, they want their hair to look perfect. In order to get the volume or length that they want, you can apply hair extensions to help them achieve the look that they want. Tape in hair extensions will make their hair look fuller, thicker and absolutely stunning.

Making the Appointment

Your appointment-making phone call can work as a pre-consultation session. If your client wants to have an intricate hairstyle, then they should come in a few days before the hairstyling appointment to apply the tape in hair extensions. This will give the adhesive some time to cure before you style the hair. If your client simply wants the hair curled or a blowout, they can get the tape in hair extensions the same day as the event.

Consider Clip In Hair Extensions for a Temporary Solution

If your clients want to achieve the same sexy look without the semi-permanent option of tape in hair extensions, they may prefer clip in hair extensions instead. Clip in hair extensions are able to give your clients the same volume or length, but they are also a more temporary solution that can be removed at any time. This makes them a great option for any event where they need instant volume, but don’t want to make the commitment necessary for tape in hair extensions.

Make Sure They Understand Maintenance for Tape In Hair Extensions

Whenever you install tape in hair extensions into your clients’ hair, it’s important that they understand how to properly maintain their hair extensions to lengthen the life of the extensions. This will ensure that the hair extensions look nice for as long as possible. You also need to make sure that they are using the right hair care products for the hair extensions.

Certification for Our Tape In Hair Extensions

If you want to be able to apply our hair extensions into your clients’ hair, it’s important that you are certified through our courses. We offer the highest quality tape in hair extensions currently available to salon professionals. You will love how they are easy to apply and your clients will love how beautiful they look. This is a great service that will boost the success of any salon. We want to create successful salon professionals that are inspired by our hair extensions. See the difference that hair extensions can make in your salon. Join us for our certification courses.

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