Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for Your Next Holiday Party

Pretty Hairstyle Ideas for Your Next Holiday Party

Woman With A Pretty Hairstyle Using Tape-In Hair Extensions At Holiday Party

Woman With A Pretty Hairstyle Using Tape-In Hair Extensions At Holiday PartyUse Our Tape-In Hair Extensions to Create These Holiday Hairstyles

It’s December, which means we’re in prime holiday party season. Whether it’s with family, friends, or coworkers, you may have a holiday party coming up in the next few weeks. As you’re getting ready for your event, you’re going to have to decide how you want to step out in style for the holidays. In addition to what clothes and shoes you’re going to wear, you’re going to want a holiday hairstyle to complete the look.

While you could keep things simple, we like using the holidays as an excuse to get a little more glamorous than in our everyday lives. Our tape-in hair extensions can give you the volume and length you may be lacking—making any hairstyle possible. This means you can be as glamorous as you want!

To give you a little bit of inspiration as you’re planning your party look, here are some of our favorite holiday hairstyles to try out for your next holiday party. (Just be sure to follow our tips for caring for your hair extensions!)

The Hair Bow

You can either go one of two ways with this style. For the first one, create a big bow using all of your hair for a really powerful statement. The second way is to style your hair in a half-pony and use the upper section of your hair to create a smaller, more subtle bow.

Long and Straight

You can’t go wrong with this classic style. Ultra straight. Ultra classy. Ultra beautiful. We love it! Add some extra length to your hair with tape-in hair extensions to really make a dramatic look.

Hollywood-Worthy Waves

Somehow, this style manages to look sexy and sweet at the same time. To make an even bigger impression, add some hair extensions for fuller, more voluminous waves.  

Super Sleek Ponytail

It’s like the long and straight style but a little sportier. Pull your straightened hair back tight and be sure to get out any bumps for a sleek, stylish, and polished finish.

Braided Crown

We hope the braided crown never goes out of style! It’s so versatile. You can style it with straight, wavy, or curly hair—and it looks just as great with a thin, subtle braid as it does with a thick and chunky one!

Holiday Headband

Curl your hair or give it some texture with a few waves, add a sparkly headband, and twist some of your hair around it to blend it altogether. So cute!

The Classy Top Knot

It’s like the grown-up version of your favorite lazy-day style! Make sure you start with brushed hair (straight, wavy, or curly), and fasten it in a knot. Then, add a headband, a braided section of hair, or another hair accessory to complete the look.

Looking for a tutorial for any of these? Check out our Pinterest board for tons of hair tutorials and more holiday inspiration! Looking for hair extensions to make your look come together? Click below for info on ours.