Pro Tip: Decoding Purchasing Patterns | Repair Products

Pro Tip: Decoding Purchasing Patterns | Repair Products

You now know how to decode your client’s purchasing patterns if they’re purchasing volumizing products, but what about repair products? Angie Gilmore, Director of Products and Programs, talks to us about how to make your clients happier if they’re not seeing the results they want with repair products alone.

I’m Angie Gilmore, Director of Products and Programs at easihair pro and I’d like to take a look at your client’s retail purchase patterns, specifically Damage Repair Products. They’re purchasing these products because all they want is healthier hair.

As a stylist we know damaged hair can only be fixed by cutting. However, the client rarely chooses to cut it, and opts for the band-aid option by promising to use all the right products, praying for it to grow out and NOT use heat to style hair 😉

But, do our clients always listen and follow through with home care recommendations? No, they hang on to that damaged hair for dear life, refusing to cut it and continue to use heat to tame the beast, thus making the problem worse, and the damage cycle goes on.

Stop the damage cycle by putting them into hair rehab using easihair pro’s tape in hair extensions.

Hair Rehab is a 6-month program which consists of adding hair, pre-booking treatment appointments, using recommended home care products and photographing the results to track their progress.

Simply add easihair pro to the damaged areas, typically, around their face or through their ends. Adding panels surrounding damaged areas acts as a buffer protecting their damaged hair against heat styling while giving them the look of beautiful healthy hair.

Then be sure they leave with the right products and pre-book appointments every 6 weeks to come in for a check-up; where you will give them a treatment, take photographs to document the progress, and reapply their beautiful hair.

You have a PHD, you’re their professional hairdresser, and you both know when the damage continues to get worse. By recommending hair rehab they’ll be thankful for your honesty and skill in providing a real solution where they don’t have to suffer with damaged hair or through a painful grow out process.

We help ourselves by helping others; They’ll have hope, confidence and healthy hair and you’ll have street cred with incredible progress photos, an increase your average service ticket, average retail ticket and pre-booking percentage, which means, you just increased your paycheck!

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