Pro Tip: Decoding Purchasing Patterns | Volumizing Products

Pro Tip: Decoding Purchasing Patterns | Volumizing Products

Decoding Purchasing Patterns Volumnizing Products

On this week’s Pro Tip, Angie Gilmore, Director of Products and Programs, talks to us about how to make your clients happier if they’re not achieving volume with Volumizing Products alone.

I’m Angie Gilmore, Director of Products and Programs at easihair pro and in this series, I’ll be decoding your client’s retail purchase patterns and what this means for you. Let’s take a look at volumizing products. WHY are your clients buying them? Because they want more volume in their hair right?!

At a minimum 25% of your clients are currently purchasing volumizing products such as shampoo, mousse, and texturizing sprays and root boost. That’s 1 in 4 of the clients already sitting in YOUR chair… But here’s the challenge… The products don’t work unless your clients do. For them it takes a lot of styling AND time to achieve volume using these products and the worst part is, it only lasts from shampoo to shampoo and they’re still left frustrated and not fully satisfied with the volume of their hair, but there is a solution…

When you combine the volumizing products they’re already purchasing with an easihair pro Volume Transformation they can achieve sustainable volume! That’s only 1 box of hair for a Partial Volume or 2 boxes of hair for a Full Volume Transformation.

So what does this mean for your clients and your business? Your client is happier and more loyal because you gave them the hair they’ve always wanted, but never thought they could have. When you help your clients achieve sustainable volume you just created a client for life.

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s in it for you as their stylist, aside from them loving you and their luscious volume? You just did a service they’ll pre-book to come back in every 6 weeks, continue to purchase the volumizing products AND increased your average service ticket, not to mention the amazing before and after photos you can share on social.

Simply knowing how to provide them with a sustainable solution won’t solve their problem, you have to have the right conversation with your client and it starts with the consultation so that THEY can be aware of the available options using easihair pro. Take a different approach to servicing your clients and turn up the volume!

If you’re a client looking for products you can use on your easihair pro tape in hair extensions check out hair care guide!

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