Re-Book vs. Pre-Book

Re-Book vs. Pre-Book

First off, if you aren’t offering your clients hair extensions, along with your other professional salon products, then you are not taking advantage of your full potential.

easihair pro offers tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, and other professional salon products that will truly separate you from your competition. Not only do hair extensions happen to be the highest earning salon service, extension clients will automatically turn into a pre-book client.

Re-Book vs. Pre-Book for Extensions

When it comes to hair extension clients, one method definitely works better than the other. Not only for the stylist, but for the client as well. Most salons conduct a re-book, calling clients at a later time to schedule a follow up appointment. Re-booking makes things complicated with the stylist not often being able to get a hold of their client or the client going elsewhere due to the stylist’s fully booked schedule.

With pre-booking you are guaranteed a future appointment with your client. This not only increases your revenue, but your client retention rate will increase as well. Your client can enjoy their beautiful, voluminous hair knowing they already have an appointment booked 6 weeks out.

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