Revive Training | A Personal Note

Revive Training | A Personal Note

It has been exactly one week since I have gone through the training for easihair pro’s newest product, Revive, an innovative top of the head piece. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but went into the training with an open mind and very excited to learn something new. Little did I know, I was about to be more inspired than ever.

I’ve led numerous trainings and feel great after each class, but this class was different. Usually, after class I just go back to my day to day activities, but this time I found myself reflecting. Seeing first-hand how much positive impact Revive had on not only the models, but the stylists as well, was extremely touching. The women who were models were experiencing moderate to severe hair loss, due to pregnancy and cancer. All of the women shared their emotional sadness about the loss of their how and how they have been silently suffering. They never felt like there was hope, and all their confidence had been stripped!

At first, I thought we would just apply the piece on top of their head and go home once the class ended. It wasn’t like that at ALL.

One of the women has worn a hat every day for the last several years to cover the hair loss she experienced after giving birth to 4 children. After 2 minutes of having the piece applied to her head, the tears started to flow and flow and flow. She was in disbelief, and she said she never thought this would be possible. She said for so long she would hide, worried and panicked if she couldn’t wear her baseball cap. Now, she said she is “free” from all the pain and worry, and finally feels like herself again!

Our other model, a 4 stage cancer survivor, had many of the same emotions after her Revive was applied. She cried before the piece was applied because she felt scared. Once it was applied, after a couple minutes, the tears of fear turned to tears of joy! Again, not only was she is disbelief, but so was everyone else in the room who attended the class. We were all in tears and realized, our purpose is much bigger than we realized. We can have an impact and make women feel truly beautiful again!

Thank you Cole’s Salon for taking the first step to being the first salon in Minnesota to help everyday women feel like themselves again!

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