How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Tape In Hair Extensions is the First Step to Faster Mornings

How much of your morning routine is just making sure that your hair looks good? For too many of us, the need for tape in hair extensionsis as plain as day. If your life is fast-paced, tape in hair extensions is your best bet to save time.

Do Your Cardio at Home.

You know what time the bus to the commuter rail comes. You also know how much time you need to shower and dress. You’re good to go if you get in a run around your neighborhood. Sweating it out at home is the most convenient option that you will have to conserve time in the morning.

Get Professionally-Installed Clip In Hair Extensions.

What sounds high-maintenance can save you time! After your workout and quick wash, you can comb your hair and tape in hair extensions back into a loose, low ponytail. Blow dry on low heat to get the kinks out quick! You’ll have a quick and sassy style in half the time, and you won’t have to do more than what you normally would!

Freeze Your Coffee in a Reusable Cup.

How many of us can’t even get the day started without our morning cup of joe? People spend millions on their coffee every day. You’ve already figured out that saving money starts with skipping the coffee shop. You’re making your own coffee the night before, and pop in your sugar and creamer on your way to the car! The savings of both time and money will come back to you with fly hair extensions!

Choose Outfit and Makeup the Night Before.

Maybe you started doing this so long ago, it’s just part of life. If not, you’re missing out! Even if you pick an outfit quickly, you can always save time in the morning by pulling out your clothes the night before. If you coordinate makeup and earrings, too, get that done with your outfit! Once you’re in the habit of doing that, you won’t miss the way you used to rush to get dressed in the morning!