Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: Big Sexy Hair

Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: Big Sexy Hair

Woman Has Thick Hair From Hair Extensions

Woman Has Thick Hair From Hair Extensions

When you are doing a hairstyle for a special occasion, there are times when your clients are likely going to want to show off the length and volume of their hair with the extensions with a gorgeous bombshell look. This is a hairstyle that you may want to teach your clients how to do on their own. It has a big, sexy look while still looking polished and beautiful.

Creating Big Sexy Look with Tape In Hair Extensions

Your clients will love this simple yet sexy look that is perfect for any event.

1. Apply the Tape In Hair Extensions

To get the full, big look of this hairstyle, your client will need to have to get a nice volume within the hair. The tape in extensions need to be applied at least 2 days before the event. This will allow the adhesive on the tape to cure and set. If your client cannot come in before their styling appointment, you can always put in clip in extensions the day when you style their hair.

2. Start with Clean, Dry Hair

Before you do the hairstyle, give your client a basic blowout. This will ensure that the hair remains shiny and is easy to style. You should also spray it with volumizing spray and allow it to dry.

3. Curl and Pin

Begin curling the hair in the traditional pattern and pin each curl. Once you have finished curling the hair and it has all been pinned, allow the hair to cool completely before you go on to the next step. This will ensure that the curls are completely set and they don’t straighten later on.

4. Take Out the Pins

Take out the pins and lightly your fingers to loosen up the curls. Do some light finger combing close to the roots as well.

5. Backcomb Close to the Roots

To create the volume for this look, you need to create a strong, teased base close to the roots. Do some basic backcombing on the shaft close to the root. Do not backcomb all of the hair because you don’t want to destroy the curls. Use a strong hairspray on every section before you do any backcombing. This will keep the hair from going flat later in the day.

6. Lightly Brush

Use a boar’s bristle brush to lightly smooth down the backcombing and also lightly brush the curls just to break them up a bit more. Complete the look off by spraying it liberally with a strong hairspray.

Styling with Tape In Hair Extensions

In order to get the biggest boost in volume and length for any hairstyle, you will need to use extensions. Since our hair are made from 100% Remy human hair, you can style and work with them just as you would work with their natural hair. Hair extensions are a great tool for hairstyles for any special occasion. Our hair extensions are used by the top hair artists in the fashion industry. They are easy to apply and even easier to style with. They give you the ability to be creative and create any style your client may want. Getting certified to use our hair extensions can help your client have the perfect hairstyle for any event.

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