Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: Curly Half Up Half Down

Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: Curly Half Up Half Down

Woman With Curly Brunette Hair Extensions

A popular modern hairstyle for any special occasion is half up-half down look with cascading curls down the back. The only way to get the thickness and length that your client is looking for is to apply tape in hair extensions. The hair extensions will make the look more romantic and luxurious. This is a beautiful look for a wedding or any occasion.

How to Create a Curly Half-Up Half-Down Look with Tape In Hair Extensions

Follow our simple guide to getting this simple yet romantic look for any occasion.

1. Apply the Tape In Hair Extensions

The hair extensions will give the hair the additional volume and length that your client really would want for this look. This needs to be done at least 2 days before the event. This will ensure that the adhesive cures properly before you style their hair. Your client will not be able to wash their hair for 2 days after the tape in hair extensions have been applied. If your client does not have the time to come in early to apply the extensions, you may be able to achieve the same look with clip in hair extensions.

2. Curl and Pin It Up

This part of the tutorial should begin the day of the event. The hair should be dirty to give the hair some texture so that it holds the curls better. If your client did not apply tape in extensions, apply the clip in hair extensions right now. If the hair is too greasy, use dry shampoo. If it’s too clean, use a texturizing spray. Begin curling the hair in the traditional pattern with a medium width barrel and pin the curls. Once the hair has been completely curled and pinned, allow it to cool completely.

3. Gently Take Out the Pins and Part The Hair

Once the pins are out, rake the hair to loosen up the curls. Then, give the hair a loose side part. Lightly hairspray the curls to give them some additional definition.

4.Pull the Hair on the Top of the Head and Around the Crown Back

Use a wide tooth comb to pull the hair back and begin pinning the hair at the back of the head. Do not pull the hair too tight. The curls need to still be seen in the hair that is pulled back.

5. Pin the Curls At the End of the Hair that’s Been Pulled Back

Pin all the curls of the hair that’s been pulled back crown of the head. Allow some of the curls to cascade down. Tip: Use some decorative bobby pins to add some sparkle. Also, go through the hair that’s been pulled back and pin any pieces of hair that look out of place or need to be closer to the head.

6. Hairspray The Whole Look

Hairspray all the hair to ensure that the curls hold all day. Be sure to spray all of the curls that are hanging down so that they are defined and do not become frizzy.

Get the Look with Tape In Hair Extensions

Even if your client’s hair has the length, the hair may not be thick enough to get the dramatic look that they want. Our Salon quality tape in hair extensions make this hairstyle absolutely gorgeous. If you would like to offer our tape in extension in your salon, you need to first be certified through our courses which are available online or through live courses. Get certified to see how hair extensions can help you expand your business.

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