Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: High Ballerina Bun

Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: High Ballerina Bun

Hair Extensions In Pony Tail Bun

Hair Extensions In Pony Tail Bun

Is there anything more elegant than a high, voluminous, ballerina bun? This perfect updo goes well with any occasion. It is classy enough for a formal affair, but it can also be dressed down for something a little more casual. Your clients will love how the ballerina bun looks in their hair and you will love how simple it is to do for your clients.

Creating a High Ballerina Bun with Tape In Hair Extensions

Follow our basic hairstyle guide for creating this look in your clients’ hair.

1. Apply the Tape In Hair Extensions

This should be done at least 2 days before the rest of hairstyle is done. Your client will not be able to wash their hair within this time, but it is okay if the hair is a little greasy. If your client does not have the time to come in to apply the tape in hair extensions, you can also complete this look with our clip in hair extensions

2. Texturize the Hair

Apply the tape in hair extensions into your clients hair. After 2 days, once the adhesive has been set, you will begin creating the hairstyle. If you are using clip in extensions, place them in the hair now. Use a texturizing spray to add some additional volume and make the hair easier to work with.

3. Create a Pompadour

Use a teasing brush and hairspray to backcomb the hair on the top of the head and then use a boar’s bristle brush to smooth out the hair to create a full bump on the top of the head. Use some hairspray to hold the pompadour in place.

4. Pull Into a High Ponytail

Grab all the hair and pull it into a tight, high pony above the crown of the head. Use a comb on the sides to keep the hair as tight as possible. Use an elastic to tie the ponytail.

5. Roll the Ponytail Around a Chignon Foundation

Take a chignon foundation and put it at the end of the ponytail. Roll the hair around the chignon foundation and allow it to fan out around the chignon foundation as you continue to roll. Keep doing this until the chignon foundation has reached the base of the ponytail.

6. Fan the Hair Out Around the Chignon and Begin Pinning

Keep fanning the hair out around the chignon until it is completely covered. Begin to pin the hair until it is tighter and smooth around the chignon. You should have a high voluminous ballerina bun above the crown of the head.

7. Finish It Off With Hairspray

Once you are satisfied with the look of the hair, begin to spray the hair with hairspray so that the hair sets properly.

Creating Hairstyles with Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions make it easier to get that fuller, more voluminous look. Since our tape in hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, they can be styled and cared for as you would style your client’s natural hair. Your clients will love how our extensions make their hair look. Get certified through our classes to begin offering our hair extensions in your salon.

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