Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: The Boho Side Braid

Styling With Tape In Hair Extensions: The Boho Side Braid

Blonde With Braided Hair Extensions

Blonde With Braided Hair Extensions

With the popularity of the Hunger Games series, side braids have been an increasingly popular. However, even Jennifer Lawrence even used hair extensions to get that length and volume in her braid. (At least for the first two movies, she opted for a wig in the last two). Many women are also styling their hair with more of a Boho look instead of the tight look of the Katniss braid. Take a look at our guide to creating a gorgeous Boho side braid.

Creating a Boho Side Braid with Tape In Hair Extensions

This look has a very romantic look and feel. It is a great option for any special occasion where your client wants to feel like a combination of Katniss and Rapunzel.

1. Put the Tape In Hair Extensions in a Couple Days Before the Event

Hair extensions will make the braid look much fuller and longer. It will also give you much more hair to work with. If possible, see if you can bring your client into the salon a couple days before the event to put in the hair extensions in. This will give the adhesive some additional time to fully set into the hair. It is possible to put our hair extensions in the day of the event, but we do recommend that you put the extensions a couple days beforehand. Make sure your clients know how to maintain their extensions.

2. Make Sure that They Do Not Wash Their Hair

If they came in a couple days before to put the hair extensions, they should not have washed their hair anyway. However, if they already had extensions applied to their hair, they should not wash their hair for a couple days before the event. Hair that is just a little oily is easier to work with and style especially when your are doing a braid.

3. Curl the Hair

Give your client a soft curl. Use a medium width barrel. You want light bouncy waves rather than tight curls.

4. Use a Texturizing Balm or Spray

Once the curls have cooled, loosen them up and massage the hair with a texturizing balm or give it a light spray. This will make the hair hold the braid better.

5. Back Comb Close to the Top of the Head and Crown

It’s important to give some extra volume around the top of the head and the crown. Do some teasing and then smooth over. Be careful around the tape so that the extensions do not slip. It’s okay to have some fly aways as this is a loose, romantic braid.

6. Part and Braid Away

Make a deep part on the opposite side where you wish to create the braid. Then, brush the hair over to the side where you are braiding the hair. Create some smaller braids that you can braid into the larger braid. This will give the braid even more volume and be reminiscent of Rapunzel. Tie your braids off with clear elastics.

7. Loosen it Up!

Loosen up the braid and pull the strands of hair away from each other. This will boost up the braid and give it a Boho look. It’s okay if some strands are loosely sticking out. It gives the braid a more romantic look. Once it looks exactly the way that you want, give it a light spraying of finishing spray.

Using Tape In Hair Extensions For Hair Styling

Tape in hair extensions are perfect for any occasion and they are very easy to style with. Since our tape in hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, it can be styled exactly how you would style your client’s hair. Our extensions can only be applied by licensed cosmetologists who have been certified by easihair pro. Get certified today to begin offering this great service into your salon.

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