Stylist Spotlight Featuring Jenna Styles

Stylist Spotlight Featuring Jenna Styles

Jenna Styles

We had the pleasure of having easihair professional Jenna, owner of Jenna Styles Salon in San Marcos, California, come into our headquarters to talk about her career as a hairstylist. Watch the video below and read more to learn how hair extensions have changed her career as a Salon Professional.

When did you start applying hair extensions?

When I got out of high school, I started doing my friend’s extensions. When I went into beauty school, no one was actually doing extensions yet. The teachers in the night class would have me show all the girls how to do extensions. I knew right off the bat, when I got into beauty and doing hair, it was going to be all about extensions.

What methods of hair extensions are you certified in?

I am certified in Hand Tied, Tape in Extensions, Nano Beads, Hot and Cold fusion, and Shrinkies.

What method of hair extensions do you like the most?

Personally, I like to wear Tape In Extensions. For each of my clients, there are different methods that work better for them, whether they work out a lot or they wear their hair up a lot, or if they have thin hair or thick hair. We customize it to fit each person individually.

Overall, I would say Tape Ins are the running lead.

What is the most important aspect when choosing a hair extension brand?

Definitely, the quality of the hair is number one. If the hair knots up or it bunches up, it doesn’t matter how good you install them or how well you place them, they are not going to work for your client. They are going to come back and it’s going to waste your time too.

How did you decide to choose easihair pro?

A rep came into a salon that I was working at, and she was talking about easihair pro extensions. At the time, I was using a few different [hair extension] lines. She brought out the color ring and I saw my color, the Platinum White color. I was like, “I have not seen that before.”

I signed up, started using the hair and fell in love with the quality of the hair. That was about 7 or 8 years ago.

I still try other brands that are very popular right now, to make sure that I’m still keeping up and not getting stuck in my ways, and nothing has compared to the quality of [easihair pro] hair.

I’m so excited that they’re finally going to have the Hand Tied Extensions because those are something else that people are asking for right now.

What do your Clients love about Tape in Extensions?

My Tape In Extension clients love how easy it is. They don’t have to change a lot about how they’re using products and things. Obviously, shampooing is a little bit different.

They say that it’s almost like not wearing anything. When they take their hair out, it is when they actually feel strange [when they’re] not wearing [hair extensions.]

How do hair extensions make you and your Clients feel?

I think Hollywood, in general, has glamorized and made us feel like we can’t look a certain way or these people have it naturally, and they don’t. We walk around and we feel bad about ourselves and our clients feel bad about themselves. They think “I can’t have that hair.”

It’s really life-changing when someone comes in and you can give them this hair that they never thought they could have and have only dreamed of. You can do it for them in about 30 minutes to an hour.

They walk out and they cry, they thank you, they just become your best friends forever.

Why should Stylists become certified in easihair pro hair extensions?

Having extensions accessible and knowing how to do them is a superpower that all Stylists should have.

I like to prove people wrong and Hairdressers have this idea that we don’t make that much money. We get overlooked a little bit. We have an opportunity to make as much as we want and work whenever we want.

I’m so blessed that I get to do this for a living and I’m so lucky I can make this much money.

If you really commit, dedicate yourself, and take it seriously, the possibilities are limitless. The one thing I hate the most is hearing “I can’t” because you can, absolutely.

What advice do you have for Stylists starting out?

I think a lot of Stylists see all these YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Influencers and they think “I’m just going to throw some videos up or I’m going to put some stuff on Instagram.” They think that they’re going to get there. You don’t get popular that way, you don’t get repeat clients that way. You can get people to look at your Instagram, you can get them to like it but those aren’t the people that are going to come in and spend money.

When I first started, I would clean bathrooms at salons because I wanted to work on a Monday and be able to take those Clients. I started at the bottom.

If you put the time in and you understand that, it will pay off. If you’re not willing to put the hard work in the beginning, and that means more than just posting a few pictures, you’re not going to make money.

I’ve seen it happen so many times, so many different and new Stylists think that they’re going to get there. They start to realize that they’re not making as much as the person next to them. They get over it and they move on to the next career.

We have a gold mine. We really are so blessed. We get to be creative, make people pretty, and ourselves pretty.

Watch Jenna’s Stylist Spotlight Application Video: