Stylist Spotlight Featuring Josephina Licata

Stylist Spotlight Featuring Josephina Licata

Stylist Spotlight Josephina Licata

At easihair pro, our mission statement is “Creating Successful Salon Professionals.” We love to hear from our easihair professionals about how adding hair extensions into their service has enhanced their career. Take a look and read how easihair pro hair extensions have excelled Josephina Licata from Alen M Femme Coiffure Salon:

Why do you love hair extensions?

Every first time client, I’ve never had someone who doesn’t cry which I can speak from experience because I cried the first time I ever had extensions. That is why I’m so obsessed with them.

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Josephina Licata and I come from Michigan. I currently work at Alen M Salon in Los Angeles, California on Melrose Avenue.

How long have you been in the Beauty Industry?

I have had about 5 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. I do a lot of color and color corrections. That is what I’m known for, but I love extensions. I’m obsessed, I can’t go without my tape-ins.

Why do you love tape in hair extensions?

I love tape in extensions because it’s light on the hair. Especially with easihair pro, their extensions, the width is a little longer [than other brands] so it covers a little more ground. Also, the hair is just so good.

How did you become a hairstylist?

I realized when I was young that being a hairstylist can be an actual career. I was so lucky, I was enrolled in a program when I was in high school for cosmetology schooling. After I was finished with Cosmetology School, top salons in Michigan called me. From there, I was a Stylist for a year and became one of the fastest-growing Stylists in the whole salon. I was found by Alen M in Los Angeles, California and my career has just been taking off.

Why should every hairstylist be Certified in hair extensions?

Doing extensions has 100% enhanced the delivery that I can give to a client. It has excelled not only ticket prices and numbers but also the individual value that I can add to a Client and their life and their confidence and how they feel in a healthy way. In a way, they can just feel so good and do their hair effortlessly. They can wear it up, they can wear it down. easihair pro definitely has enhanced my career professionally and personally.

I’m definitely a people person and I love solving problems. Being able to not only cut, color, but also apply extensions is the ultimate problem solver.

Where can we find you?

All of my work is on my Instagram @josephinadianne. I’ve had such a wonderful experience. Even using their product and being here in their facility has been amazing.

Check out Josephina’s Application video: