Stylist Spotlight Featuring Katie Leigh Stevens

Stylist Spotlight Featuring Katie Leigh Stevens

Katie Leigh Stevens Nikki Pyle

We love our easihair professionals and we especially love talking to them about how using easihair pro has enhanced their careers behind the chair. We had the pleasure of having Katie Leigh Stevens, who has been doing hair for over 10 years, come into our headquarters to talk to us about her experience.

Watch the video below and read more to learn about Katie:

When did you start using Hair Extensions?

“I started using extensions about 9 years ago when I started at my first job.”

How does easihair pro compare to the other hair extension brands that you have used?

“I have used Hot Heads, Hair Dreams, Great Lengths, Extensionology – any extension company, you name it, and I do feel like easihair pro is the best.”

Why do you like the best about Tape In Hair Extensions?

“The best thing I like about tape ins is that they lay flat to your head, they’re not hard on your hair, and I feel like there are so many looks you can create for a person.”

Why do you like easihair pro Tape Ins?

“I feel like easihair pro is the best tape in extension because I feel like all of the colors are amazing. There are so many choices. They’re all very responsive to color. If I ever need to tone something, I get a really good result. Also, the quality and the wear time that I get out of them is incomparable to any other brand I’ve ever used.”

What are some challenges that you’ve experienced with other brands of Tape Ins?

“The challenges that I’ve had with other tape ins is they’re not responsive to color, they aren’t tone-able. They don’t necessarily always match the hair. There are not many options as far as blondes or different root shaded colors, different dimensional colors.

Also, just the wear time. I don’t feel like anything compares to easihair pro as far as the number of reapplications that you can get with the same strand.”

How is easihair pro different from other brands?

“easihair pro is different from other brands because the weft itself is thicker and you’re covering more space on a section of hair versus a smaller space with another brand.

The density is the perfect amount of density. I’ve had experiences with other brands where it’s too thick and it lays like a chunk of hair. When you go to blend it, it doesn’t blend naturally with the hair texture that’s already there.”

What are some different ways you use easihair pro Tape In Hair Extensions?

The different reasons they wear easihair pro is for volume. I do a lot of Clients with just one or two boxes on the sides just for that density. I do full head applications where they want length, density, the whole thing.

I do color changes because their hair isn’t strong to lift to that pale blonde. Using the easihair pro method, you pop it in and they have a nice blonde panel that flows through their ends.

How has easihair pro enhanced your career as a salon professional?

“easihair pro has grown my career to an entirely new level. I can make a lot of money in a short period of time. Not only that, but the most fulfilling thing I would say about easihair pro isn’t the money, it’s the reaction that I get from the client when I put the extensions in their head. Whether that’s one box, three boxes, four boxes, seven boxes, you can literally see them in the mirror and that confidence and that light shin within them and you’re like holy, I just changed someone’s life.”

How do you use Social Media to grow your business?

“I’m using social media to grow my business by posting all my hair photos, taking time to set up a camera, and video tapping myself doing hair and doing my own hair.

It does take a little extra time, but it’s so worth it in the end because you never know who’s going to see your posts.”

How has easihair pro changed your business as a salon professional?

“When I first started out, I was working seven days behind the chair. I started using easihair pro and I was able to cut my schedule down to four days a week because I’m able to make as much income as I did in seven days, now in four because of the amount of money extensions are bringing me.”