Support a Good Cause | Children With Hair Loss

Support a Good Cause | Children With Hair Loss

I have been in the beauty industry for 21 years and remember how excited everyone used to be about donating their hair to Locks of Love. In recent years, Locks of Love has been exposed for making a huge profit by selling donated hair. Meanwhile, people thought they were donating hair to a good cause.

We recommend sending all hair donations to Children with Hair Loss. The company is volunteer based, so it is ran by people who truly care about the cause.

If you are interested in donating hair to Children with Hair Loss, here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Hair should be at least 8 inches in length (longer hair preferred)
  2. Hair must be clean, put into a ponytail and braided (this keeps the hair in one direction).
  3. Place rubber band or ponytail holder on each end.
  4. Non-chemically treated hair is preferred, but any hair in good condition will be accepted.
  5. Gray hair is accepted.
  6. Donors are given a certificate in appreciation for their kindness.
  7. Print hair donation form, which contains all of the information for shipping.
  8. Place donation form and hair in Ziploc bag and mail to Children with Hair Loss.

Since 2009, Children with Hair Loss has provided over 500 children with hair. With every donation, our sister company Jon Renau/easihair provides a hair care kit, including a Heat Treat Thermal Spray, 3-way Hair Spray, and Wide Tooth Comb.

One of our top Core Values is to give back and always think of others. As a company, we truly appreciate a good cause and everything Children With Hair Loss stands for.

For more information on how to donate or become a recipient, please visit Children with Hair Loss.

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