Swimming With Tape In Hair Extensions

Swimming With Tape In Hair Extensions

Girl In Pool With Hair Extensions

There are women who love swimming, but feel they need to stop once they get hair extensions. Many types of hair extensions can become a hassle when the hair gets wet. Also, the chemicals in pools or the salt in the ocean can seriously damage the hair in the extensions. With easihair pro, your clients can go swimming with the tape in hair extensions in their hair as long as they do the necessary maintenance to preserve the health of their hair extensions.

Our Guide to Swimming with Tape In Hair Extensions

For your clients who are interested in swimming with tape in hair extensions, you should walk them through our basic hair extensions care guide before getting them wet.

Hair Care: Before Going into the Water

  1. Condition the Ends of the Hair

Massage easihair pro leave in conditioner into your dry hair. This will help condition the hair and will also prevent the chemicals or salt to soak into your hair and damage the ends. This will keep the hair protected and nourished even while it’s in the water.

  1. Brush Your Hair

It’s a good idea to brush your hair before you wet it. This will help prevent it from being tangled while it gets in the water. Make sure that you are using our wet/dry detangling brush.

  1. Tie Your Hair Up with an Elastic

Braid your conditioned hair and then wrap an elastic band to hold it in place. Water running through your loose hair during swimming can pull on the extensions which isn’t the best thing for your hair. Also, the hair can tangle easily when it is wet and putting it up can prevent tangling.

Hair Care: After Getting Out of the Water

  1. Take You Hair Down and Shampoo

Wash and shampoo your hair as soon as possible after getting out of the water. This will help ensure that the chemicals from the pool or the salt in the water does not soak into your hair.

  1. Condition Your Hair Again

Use a leave in conditioner again in your hair to keep your hair nourished and soft. This will also prevent any further damage in your hair.

  1. Brush Your Hair and Blow Dry

Use the wet/dry detangling brush to detangle the hair from any knots. Then you will want to blow dry the hair so that the hair is smooth and completely dry. It isn’t good for the extensions to be wet for long periods of time.

Our Tape In Hair Extensions From the Runway to Everyday Use

We offer the highest quality tape in hair extensions made from 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. Your clients will love how they will be able to swim, workout, and do any everyday activities with hair extensions in their hair. See the difference that tape in hair extensions can make through our classes. Our certification courses teach you everything that you need to know about our hair extensions and how they can make your salon more successful. Begin the certification process today to start offering our beautiful tape in hair extensions to your clients.

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