How Are Tape in Extensions Made – How Do They Work

How Are Tape in Extensions Made – How Do They Work

easihair pro’s tape in hair extensions are changing the way hair is applied for volume, length and color. Most Tape extensions are manufactured into wefted panels and coated with polyurethane. Polyurethane is used in a wide range of items, from baby toys to airplane wings, and it continues to be adapted for contemporary technology. easiLengths polyurethane panels are thermosetting polymers that do not melt when heated which are perfect for the production of 100% human hair, hair extension panels that utilize hot tools for styling. One of the greatest benefits of polyurethane is that it allows for the wefted panels to be used and reused when he product is reapplied every 5 to 8 weeks. A weft is a plurality of hairs attached at one end.

Double sided tape is applied to the polyurethane which acts as the adhesive to keeps the extensions in the hair. Our adhesives are pressure activated which have been used in the hair replacement industry since the 1960’s. easihair pro’s easiLengths uses 100% cuticle intact remy hair to make our tape in hair extensions and a a proprietary medical grade adhesive which is hypoallergenic and has been skin tested on humans NOT animals.

The polyurethane panels are sandwiched between a thin layer of the clients own hair. Different manufactures have different panel weights due to the different kinds of polyurethanes used and the amount of hair used in a panel. easiLengths weights are calculated to the strictest international hair replacement standards to ensure there is no damage to clients who have healthy yet extremely thin fine hair.

Not all tape extensions are created equal and most brands on the market:

  1. Slip out due to poor adhesive quality and unbalanced panels weights
  2. Have significant hair shedding due to poor polyurethane construction technology
  3. Panel disintegration and breakage due to poor polyurethane construction and design
  4. Many poorly designed inexpensive adhesive tapes leave a considerable amount of residue when removed and reapplied.

easiLengths proprietary tape ensures no slippage and almost no residue when removed. Our patented anti-shedding technology coupled with our high quality wafer thin, weightless hand crafted polyurethane panels; allow the panels to remain intact for a year or longer. We use high quality German engineered ingredients to ensure a high quality long lasting product. We guarantee our product and our workmanship.

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