Tape In Hair Extensions are The Best Type of Hair Extension

Tape In Hair Extensions are The Best Type of Hair Extension

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There are many different kinds of hair extensions that your salon could be applying into your clients’ hair. Many stylists use hair extensions such as sew-ins, microbeads, and fusions, but tape in hair extensions are the best option for any client. Tape in hair extensions offer benefits that other hair extensions do not offer.

Top Benefits of Tape In Hair Extensions

Take a look at some of the top benefits of tape in hair extensions that make them a better option over other types of hair extensions available to stylists.

1. Beautifully Invisible

Unlike other types of hair extensions, the tape in hair extensions are practically invisible. With tape in hair extensions, they will be able to pull their hair up into ponytails or create intricate hairstyles without needing to worry about the panels showing.

2. No Damage

Many hair extensions systems can actually damage your client’s natural hair. Tape in hair extensions are much more gentle on their natural hair. Also, the weight of the application and the extension together can constantly pull on the follicle, which will damage your follicle and may actually lead to hair loss. The weight of tape in extensions is evenly distributed so they don’t pull on the hair follicles in the same way that other hair extensions do.

3. Reapplication

Unlike other types of hair extensions, tape in hair extensions can be reapplied. Many types of hair extensions can only be applied once and then need to be replaced once they are removed. However, our tape in hair extensions are so high quality that they can reapplied several times if they are properly maintained.

4. Quick Application

Applying most hair extension systems take quite a bit of time. They can take anywhere from 2-3 hours to apply. This means that they will be in your chair for that time for the initial application and then for every maintenance appointment afterward. This takes time out of your schedule when you could be working with other clients and it takes time out of their schedule which can become an annoyance for them. Unlike other semi-permanent hair extensions, tape in hair extensions take less than an hour to apply into the hair, which is a relief to both you and your clients.

Choosing Tape In Hair Extensions for Your Clients

When it comes to figuring out what hair extensions you want to offer in your salon, consider offering tape in hair extensions. Our hair extensions are the highest quality hair extensions available to stylists. They are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. We make it easy to become certified for applying our hair extensions into your clients’ hair. We offer all of our courses online, but you can also receive a more in-depth education through live classes as well. Our courses not only teach stylists how to apply, style, remove, and reapply our extensions, but we also advise our clients how to help their salon become more successful with hair extensions. Take a look at our courses, and get certified today.

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