Tape-In Hair Extensions Beginning to End

Tape-In Hair Extensions Beginning to End

Woman With Newly Put In Tape In Hair Extensions

Woman With Newly Put In Tape In Hair ExtensionsThe Journey from Drab to Fab is a Great One!

Not sure how it will go if you decide to change your hair? For some of us, changing our hair is like changing our clothes and nail polish. Different styles, different colors, and different textures are the style for each day, and the fun cannot be overstated. Sometimes, though, a little more is needed. If you’re wanting to make a more drastic change, maybe tape-in hair extensions are for you! Hair extensions give you a new look without the radical commitment of permanent color, or a risky haircut. Whatever you decide for yourself, hair extensions will be there to brighten up your day.

Figure Out How You’re Going to Make-Over

If you’re thinking of making a beautiful new change, ask yourself what it is, exactly, that you’re wanting to do. Do you want long hair with volume for days? How about something that gets you the nickname, ‘Rapunzel’? If you’ve been cutting out pictures of looks here and there, you probably already know what you’re looking for, but how could you pull it off? Every hair style doesn’t work for everybody, but that’s part of the reason that we have hair care professionals – they can tell us things like what hairstyle fits the shape of our face, how to maintain that great new ‘do we get from them, and what to do with our hair at night.

Talk to Your Hair Care Professional

Your hair care professional will bring suggestions and ideas for what could work for you. Wanting to look more like Angelina Jolie? There’s a way to get her sultry look. Your hair care professional can give you a full, informative consultation on hair extensions, and what styles are possible for you.

Go to Your Appointment

Whether you’ve chosen Cersei from Game of Thrones or Janelle Monae as your style inspiration, your stylist will have a plan for you. Your stylist will make sure that your hair is clean, and ready for your extensions. After a wash and condition, your stylist will install your tape-in hair extensions with the help of a blowdryer to deal the adhesive, or other means if you have chosen another type of hair extension. Your stylist will give you the look you want, and send you out into the world looking fabulous.

Enjoy Your First Days

If your stylist didn’t advise you before, make sure you give them a call to find out how to care for your style. Curls are easy enough to protect with rollers, but waves make need a little more. Your stylist will be able to tell you what to get, and show you how to put it into your hair so that the fabulousness will last.

After the Salon Style Fades

Needless to say, there will come a day in the next couple of weeks that you’ll need to wash your hair. Oh, that sad, sad day. When you do, make sure that you are using products that are easy on your extensions, and that you are carefully to apply conditioner. Without proper care, your hair extensions will eventually lose their luster, and be far less fabulous than the day you walked out of the salon. After your style is finished, don’t be afraid to experiment yourself!