Thanksgiving Contest – Testimonial WINNER

hair we love march 5th - 11th 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to Lindsey DeMith for winning our Thanksgiving Contest and 20% off her next order! Take a look at her heartfelt and inspirational testimonial below…

Have you ever been self-conscious of something and figured it was something you just had to live with? What if you were introduced to a product line that could solve your challenge and the solution was so much easier than you ever imagined? Easihair Pro has done that for me and some of my clients. I was introduced to Easihair Pro in April 2013 when I completed an online class to learn the process of tape in application. I poured myself into learning the system and realized that I had clients that instantly popped into my head and I knew were the perfect candidates. The next week I spoke to one of these clients, Joy, and told her I had a way to solve her challenge of fine, fly away hair. In previous consultations with Joy she disclosed to me how unhappy she was with her fine, thin hair. She always wanted to have long hair but could never grow it past her chin. When I explained to Joy how I could give her the longer, thicker hair that she had always wanted she was thrilled! She came in for a full consultation, we matched her color and she couldn’t wait for her appointment to have the extensions put it. In fact, I received a text message from her the day before her appointment with a count-down that said, “T minus 24 hours and I will see you for my new hair!”

Joy came in for her “new hair” and could not believe the end result. You could literally see a twinkle in her eye as she kept staring back at her reflection in love with what she was seeing. Joy looked 10 years younger! Her before and after picture can be found above!

Helping Joy solve this life-long challenge of thin, short hair was so rewarding and part of the reason that I love being a Hairstylist and am thankful to have been introduced to Easihair Pro. This product and service is not only self-rewarding but has been amazing for the financial part of my business as well. My service sales have increased by over 30% in the past month and I have been at a 52% retail to service dollar average mainly because of providing Easihair services.

Not only am I a “sharer of Easihair but a “wearer” as well. I myself have always wanted to have very long hair but am unable to grow it to the length that I want it because it breaks off. I had the opportunity to be a demonstration model at Champ Camp in Tampa, FL and finally have the long hair that I have always wanted! Wearing Easihair myself has helped me to better sell it and now I can help educate my clients on what to expect and how to care for them from personal experience. I am having so much success with Easihair and can’t wait to be able to educate colleagues in the industry on how it can change their and their client’s lives.