The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty

Tape-In Hair Extensions Make Lazy Life Happen

Your favorite outfit is sweatpants. You don’t do takeout, but you do delivery. You worship heat-and-eat dinners. Thinking after five p.m. makes you sweat. You’d pay someone to carry you around if you could afford it. Tape In hair extensions and quick beauty tricks are like magic if this is you. For the laziest beauty queens, the struggle of being torn between looking gorgeous and finishing an episode of The Bachelor can make life harder than it needs to be.  Don’t stress yourself by cheating your nice, lazy body out of an extra fifteen minutes of sleep – there are tips and tricks, including tape-in hair extensions, that will make beauty routines easy enough for the laziest among us.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions cater to literally anyone. For the high-maintenance, hair extensions mean that they can look how they want when they want. Medium-maintenance, they have options that won’t hold them up in the morning. For the low-maintenance, hair extensions provide enough length and volume to get a good look. The laziest of the lazy, hair extensions are a quick way out of having to actually spend real time on a style. Your hair is already down, so run a comb through, and call it a day.

Makeup from the One-Stop Shop

No lazy person doesn’t love Target. Everything in one place means less stress, less driving, lazier. You could even find some colored spray for your hair extensions in the off-chance that you’re in the mood to change your hair. You can even grab a scarf to sleep in so that your hair extensions don’t get in the way of your lazy ways. A one-stop-shop means that you have options, however unnecessary when you need to grab more beauty products. Decent quality with a low price point means that you can make off with lipstick, lip liner, eyeshadow, primer, and foundation for less than $30. Think about it. But not too hard, ‘cuz that’s work.

Front-Facing Camera Phone

WHY would you stretch and twist and bent to take a selfie? Very few selfies are worth getting up, much less trying to please a camera! Capture your hair extensions in good light with a camera that doesn’t make you get up and find a mirror to do it right. Nobody knows how happy the original lazy girl with the hair extensions was when she got her front-facing camera. It was the second-brightest day of her life, second to the day she got hair extensions and didn’t have to do her hair for weeks at a time.

Fake Diamond Studs

All these clothes, but nothing to wear? Your favorite outfit is sweats anyway. Nothing goes better with everything than diamonds. But you’re not going to hunt down and pay a million dollars for these tiny little things, so the dollar store is your best friend.   Walk in, pay a couple bucks, walk out, and boom! you’re sort of a fashionista. Lazy girls have more important things to worry about than their perfect hair extensions, like finishing the nap from this morning.