So You Think You Want Inexpensive Hair Extensions

So You Think You Want Inexpensive Hair Extensions

Judging from Google search terms, there are thousands of people looking for inexpensive hair extensions every month. If you’re looking for temporary hair extensions that clip in and out daily or if price is the only criteria and the performance and quality of the hair doesn’t matter; then there are many companies that can provide you with inexpensive human hair extensions. Problem being that over time they will become dry, tangled and unmanageable the more you shampoo them, eventually becoming unwearable as the tricky silicone coating washes away.

I’m all about value for money and believe there is no reason to pay more for a non-commoditized product which perform equally as well as the competing products with the only difference being a better marketed product. The difference with hair extensions is that they are a commoditized product where the price of the raw material is subject to the market laws of supply and demand. With the demand for good quality hair growing and a steady supply of hair, the price of the “high quality hair” is always edging up. Knowing the global market price of grade triple A Remy hair, I know that if the hair is half the price of our easiLengths tape in hair extension products then, the quality has to be at least half as good, if not worse.

The reason being is that low quality hair, is still quite readily available and generally referred to as non-Remy hair. In order to use non-Remy hair in the production of hair extensions, the protective outer layer of hair shaft known as cuticle has to be removed. Cuticle is a thick chemical resistant protective layer that protects the cortex and medulla at the center of the hair shaft which are responsible for the regulation of moisture, color, shine, elasticity and style ability.

Think of each hair strand as a tree where the moisture and health of the tree lies in the center behind a tough protective layer of bark. If you remove the protective layer, the center the tree becomes dry, loses it color, breaks down and will eventually die. Same is true with hair; if the cuticle is removed the hair cortex, responsible for the elasticity, shine and curl becomes damaged making the hair fine, dry and unruly.

So when choosing semi permanent methods such as tape extensions, bonded or micro-link applied by a professional hairstylists, invest a little more to make sure your hair always looks its’ best. Make sure your hairstylist is using 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair and knows how to tell whether the hair has the cuticle or not; or settle for looking less than your best.

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