Tips to Keep Hair Nice While It’s Growing Out

Tips to Keep Hair Nice While It’s Growing Out

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Bobs can be so cute and easy! However, longer hairstyles are becoming more popular and more women want to grow their hair out longer. When your clients are growing their hair out from their cute bob, it can be a struggle for them. There are a few awkward stages when the hair is getting longer, but not long enough that you can do anything with it. This can be rather annoying. However, there are some tips that you can offer your clients to make sure that they feel confident and beautiful while their bob is growing out.

Tape In Hair Extensions & Other Tips to Help Hair Out Growing Hair

Suggest some of the following tips to your clients to make sure that their hair looks nice while it’s growing out.

1. Slick It Back

When the hair is just hitting that awkward phase, sometimes it needs to be seriously tamed. It’s nice that the greaser pompadour is making its debut into the 21st century with the slicked back look. Your clients can grab their hair gel and slick their hair back and add some volume on top with some backcombing. If gel isn’t feeling right for them, a simple stretchy headband can blend nicely into the hair.

2. Regular Salon Maintenance

To many of your clients, it may not make sense to go to the salon for a trim while they are trying to grow their hair out, but it can help to make their hair look better and much more manageable while it is beginning to grow out.

3. Using Bobby Pins and Hair Accessories

Your clients can do a number of cute hairstyles with a bunch of bobby pins or a sleek headband. Just pinning their hair up can keep it looking cute while they are waiting for the hair to grow out longer.

4 Add Some Texture

Curled hair is going to make the hair look shorter. So when your clients curl their hair, they will get the same look that they had when they had their cute bob!

5. Applying Tape In Hair Extensions

Your clients may not want to install longer hair extensions at this point, but some shorter, volumizing tape in hair extensions at this point may make a huge difference. It will give the hair just a little bit of length and some additional volume that will make the hair at this stage look fuller and thicker and will make the hair just look better in general.

Tape In Hair Extensions in Your Salon

We know that you want your clients to always look nice and feel confident even when their hair just doesn’t seem to look the way that they want it too. Hair extensions can help give your clients the length and volume that they want in their hair. Our salon quality hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair so you and your clients will know that they will always look good in their hair. Our certification courses go over all of the information you need to properly use our hair extensions and how to make your salon more successful. Take a look at all of the courses we offer to licensed cosmetologists.  

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