Top 5 Ways to Care for Tape In Hair Extensions

Top 5 Ways to Care for Tape In Hair Extensions

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Now that your clients have their new tape in hair extensions installed and styled, they may think that the process is finished. This is actually where the whole process begins! In order to maintain the integrity of their extensions, they must take necessary steps to care for them.

Top 5 Ways to Care for Tape In Hair Extensions

Show your clients these 5 crucial ways to care for their hair and they will be thanking you all the way up to their next appointment.

1. Wash & Condition With Care

When shampooing their hair, it is important that they tilt their head back and gently massage from the top of the head downwards. With tape in hair extensions, it is important not to pull too much or scrub too hard. Doing so can create a matting or clumpy appearance and take away from the natural look.

When applying conditioner, recommend avoiding the root area of their extensions and to apply only to the middle and ends of the hair. You may also want to suggest a leave in conditioner spray to maintain softness and lessen tangles.

2. Dry Without the Damage

Now that the hair has been cleansed properly, it’s time to dry! Instead of drying in a scrubbing motion, encourage your clients to wrap their hair in a towel to remove the initial moisture. If using a blowdryer, it’s important to keep the heat at a medium temperature to avoid heat damage. Once the hair is about 50% dry, brushes and other hair styling tools can be used for styling.

3. Brush From the Bottom Up

Your clients should brush their tape in hair extensions about 2-3 times a day. When brushing to detangle, it is important they start removing tangles at the bottom of the hair and then work their way up. Make sure they know to brush their natural hair with the extensions to avoid unnecessary pulling. It’s important to use a brush that is designed to detangle near the tape attachment without affecting the adhesive, like our Wet/Dry Detangling Brush.

4. Use Hot Styling Tools Sparingly

While curling irons and straighteners can be used on your client’s hair extensions, it’s vital to keep heat away from the tape attachment as much as possible. While the extensions are real human hair, they are not based from the root and therefore do not hold the same oils and nutrients as their natural hair. The more heat used on the extensions for styling, the less time they will last. If heat is necessary, just remind your clients to use a lower setting.

5. When All Else Fails, Ask Your Stylist

Whether it’s for a maintenance appointment or the latest styling product – it’s important that your clients know that they can always come to you for their hair needs. There are always ways to better maintain the health and longevity of your clients’ tape in hair extensions. The more helpful and informative you are, the more likely your clients are to recommend you to their friends.

Caring for Tape In Hair Extensions

Now that your clients have their beautiful hair extensions installed, you can help to keep them looking fresh with these tips. If you’re looking to offer our renowned hair extensions in your salon, get started by signing up for our certification courses today.

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