Top Reasons Tape In Hair Extensions Slip

Top Reasons Tape In Hair Extensions Slip

Beautiful woman with long straight blond hair. Fashion model posing at studio.

Beautiful woman with long straight blond hair. Fashion model posing at studio.

Slippage is a common problem with tape in hair extensions, but it usually only happens if your clients do not properly maintain their extensions. When the hair extensions slip, your clients will need to come in more often for professional maintenance. Most of the time, slippage is preventable. When your clients get their hair extensions, make sure that they understand how to properly take care of their hair extensions.

Common Reasons Why Tape In Hair Extensions Slip & How to Prevent it

Take a look at all of the most common reasons why tape in hair extensions slip as well as some of the tips we have for preventing slippage.

1. Washing Their Hair Before They Should

Often times, women take a shower or wash their hair before the adhesive has fully cured. This will cause the hair extensions to slip and they will need re-application. When your clients are getting their tape in hair extensions, they need to understand that they must wait AT LEAST 48 hours before washing their hair.

2. Using The Incorrect Brush

When your clients have tape in extensions, they need to be brushing their hair 2-3 times a day. This keeps the hair from becoming matted and tangled. However, most brushes will interfere with the adhesive. Make sure that your clients are using a brush specifically for hair extensions such as our Wet/Dry Detangling brush.

3. Using the Wrong Products

Many women are used to using “hydrating” shampoos and conditioners, but often these can make the hair too oily and can make the hair slip out sooner than they should. It’s important that your clients are using the right products in their hair. This will not only prevent the hair extensions from slipping but they will also lengthen the lifespan of the hair extensions themselves.

4. Naturally Oily Hair

There are many women that have naturally oily hair. Unfortunately, this can cause the hair extensions to slip, so these clients may need to come in for reapplication more often than other clients. There are not many things that your clients can do to prevent slippage. One solution may be that they should use a dry shampoo often to keep their hair from getting oily. This way they are also not washing their hair constantly, which could also lead to slippage.

5. Improper Application of Tape In Hair Extensions

Many stylists think that they can apply tape in hair extensions without being certified, but this isn’t true. Tape in hair extensions are not a DIY project. If you do this, you are likely going to have some very unhappy clients with their extensions slipping out. Taking a certification course helps stylists to understand how to properly apply hair extensions and how to style them so they look stunning in your clients’ hair. Our certification courses can be completed online, but they give you the necessary resources that you need to be able to apply the hair extensions into your clients’ hair. Get certified today to see how our hair extensions can revolutionize your salon.

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