Top Reasons to Choose Tape In Hair Extensions

Top Reasons to Choose Tape In Hair Extensions

Girls Hair Extensions Blowing In The Wind

Girls Hair Extensions Blowing In The Wind

When it comes to hair extensions, there are so many options for your clients to choose from. They may want micro beads, sew ins, or clip ins, but tape in hair extensions may be the best option for your clients. There are a number of problems with these types of extensions that you won’t see with tape in hair extensions

5 Reasons to Offer Tape In Hair Extensions in Your Salon

Take a look at some of the top reasons why you should be offering tape extensions in your salon.

1. Not Bulky

The biggest problem with most extensions is their bulkiness. Micro beads, clip-ins, sew-ins, and other options tend to have bulky hardware or attachments to keep the hair secure. The bulkiness can make it difficult to style the hair as well as it can stress the hair follicles and damage hair shafts. When you apply tape in hair extensions, you don’t need to deal with the bulkiness that other extensions have.

2. Easy-to-Apply

Tape in hair extensions are very easy for hair care professionals and cosmetologist to apply into their clients’ hair. Once you have been certified, you will easily be able to apply it into your clients’ hair and they will look completely natural.

3. Easy-to-Wear

Not only will you love applying tape in hair extensions into your clients’ hair, but they will love wearing them. Once they have been applied and the adhesive is set, they can treat their hair the same way they would treat their natural hair. With tape in hair extensions, your clients can work out or swim and not worry about damaging their extensions or the bond, as long as they do not wet the hair within 48 hours of the application. Tape in hair extensions can easily be styled alongside their natural hair

4. Low Maintenance

Many types of hair extensions need constant maintenance. People with other forms of extensions need salon upkeep every 4-6 weeks. This is in comparison to tape in extensions which only need maintenance every 6-8 weeks. This makes tape in hair extensions much more attractive for any client who is interested in applying hair extensions into their hair. As long as your clients use the right hair products, they will be able to use their hair extensions again and again.

5. Perfect for Any Occasion

Our tape in hair extensions have been used for many purposes ranging from New York Fashion Week to weddings to everyday use. No matter if your client is getting ready for a special occasion or they just need additional volume or length in their hair. Our hair extensions are the perfect option for any woman’s hair needs.

Get Certified to Apply Our Tape In Hair Extensions

Our salon-quality hair extensions have been used by the top hair artists in the fashion industry. Our hair extensions are made from 100% cuticle-intact Remy human hair and look amazing in any woman’s hair. At easihair pro, we want to empower cosmetologists to expand their business with quality services and products. The certification process is simple for any cosmetologist who is interested in adding this profitable service onto their salon. Get certified today to see how tape in hair extensions can benefit your business.

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