How to Turn Clients into Raving Fans

How to Turn Clients into Raving Fans

At easihair pro, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence when it comes to customer service. From offering a “wow greeting” to initiating the action of asking questions during an introductory client call, easihair pro knows what it takes to turn a client into a raving fan. This is why we have chosen to bestow some of this knowledge upon you to teach salon professionals how they can turn a first time client into a client for life.

The Initial Call & Confirmation Call

Everybody is a customer, the difference between a raving fan and just a client is who initiates the action and takes the burden upon themselves to ask questions. This all begins with the first call that the client places to make an appointment. Be sure to look up your client by first and last name and see if they have come in before, whom they’ve worked with and what services they had done. Your initial call time can be reduced if you increase the value and expedite what needs to be done. Ask insightful questions and find out the client’s needs.

The next step is the follow up, or confirmation call. Typically, this call consists of following up to see if the client will actually come in for their appointment. It is a dreaded call by most salons since it assumes distrust on the client’s part. Try adding value to this call and support the client as much as possible. Do they need a deep conditioning treatment? Do they have any concerns prior to their appointment? Address them as much as possible and turn the confirmation call into a contribution call.

The In-Salon Consultation

Once your client has arrived for their appointment, a typical consultation involves asking the client what they want to do with their hair. This is one of thebiggest mistakes in our industry.

“The consultation is not a free exchange of ideas. But rather, a skill to be learned and perfected to extract critical information from the client to support them for all the seasons of the year.” – Lance, Director of Business Development, easihair pro.

Your customer isn’t here for just a haircut or color. They live more than just the 1 hour of their appointment time in the salon. They live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through 12 months each year. They live in all of that space, don’t miss the boat when it comes to making suggestions based on seasonality for their consultation.

Our commitment here at easihair pro is to set you up for success through all four seasons of the year. In an industry that touts creativity, it’s alarming to see the lack of thought and creativity in salons today.

Get Creative

Don’t limit your consultation to just a simple question of “what do you want done today?” Ask your clients about occasions, functions and other gateways that require special event hair. Above all, GET CURIOUS! After all, the journey to the heart is through the imagination. Hone in on your creativity by asking powerful and insightful questions.

With the easihair pro education courses, we have created systems to help foster what is called the “conversion consultation.” Our systems help to provide measurable results that you can take with you throughout your lifetime as a salon professional.

Make Suggestions

The biggest mistake during our time spent with clients is our lack of creativity and taking initiative in making suggestions. If you suspect a client needs hair extensions, then SUGGEST them. More likely than not, there will be things they say that trigger this insight. For example, ask the client what type of shampoo, conditioner or styling products they are currently using. If they suggest they are using any sort of volumizing shampoo, or products to combat hair thinning, then they could be a great candidate for hair extensions.

In fact, 25 million women in America suffer from thinning hair. More likely than not, your client is experiencing some sort of self-consciousness from flat, dull or thinning hair. Ask the necessary questions to allow your clients to admit what you already suspect to be the truth.

Inspire Rather than Require

Let your client see the new possibilities for themselves. Inspire them with your suggestions rather than requiring them to make changes they are not ready for. Add vision and value to your client’s appointment. In doing so, you can allow them to envision themselves in extensions which in turn, allows you to add value.By doing so, you help in creating a raving fan for life.

This is not about making a suggestion based on your agenda and sales goals. It is about getting the customer to fully describe their needs. Get the customer involved in the decision making process.

Give Your Clients the Tools to Succeed

Do the majority of your clients leave the salon with full, fabulous hair and a self-esteem boost that can’t be beat? Of course they do, YOU created that look for them! So how do you expect your clients to succeed on their own without the same tools and products you use on them in the salon?

It is quite common for clients to return, complaining that they were not successful with creating their own at-home version of the look you mastered. Make sure you think of their experience BEYOND the salon and point of sale. Make suggestions on what styling tools and products they need to replicate your look. If they need a smoothing serum, SUGGEST it! Tell them what you did step by step to get them to look and feel fantastic.

By providing your clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed, you keep them looking their best all year round.

Training from easihair pro

easihair pro is more than just a hair extension provider, we are an education company. You can know everything there is to learn about being a great stylist, but technical proficiency is only 15% of success. You need proper education and business savvy to understand the numbers. This is where easihair pro comes in. We teach you how to have the proper conversations with your clients to create sales and lifelong clientele. There is a distinct difference between customer service and customer success. Our job here at easihair pro is to educate… your job as a salon professional is to choose. Learn more about the educational courses at easihair pro to see what we can do to help turn your clients into raving fans.

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