Understanding Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

Understanding Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

Colorful Hair Extensions

Colorful Hair Extensions

One of the problems that most women have with extensions are the fact that they do not perfectly blend into their natural hair because the color is just slightly off. The hair extensions can become obvious and unrealistic. In our certification courses, we do discuss the best ways to match our hair extensions to your client’s hair color. We offer 30 different colors so you should be able to find the right colors to work with the depth and dimension of the color of your clients’ hair. We think that it is important to discuss color and your tape in hair extensions.

Finding the Right Color of Tape In Extensions For Your Client

Take a look at our basic guide for color and some tips that we have to ensure that the tape in hair extensions match your color of your client’s natural hair.

1. Choose the Colors in Different Light Settings

When you are choosing the colors to go into your client’s hair, it’s important to check how well they match in different light settings. Not only should you see how the extensions match in the light of your salon, but you should also go outside and check how the extensions look in the sunlight. Natural light is often where extensions become more evident, so it is absolutely vital that they match outside.

2. Work with Different Colored Extensions

Natural hair tends to be multicolored. often times, top layers tend to have natural highlights and under layers are usually a little bit darker. When you are trying to color match extensions, you may think about using multiple colors to create the same color dimension that your client’s natural hair has.

3. Dye Your Client’s Hair to Match the Tape In Hair Extensions

If the tape in hair extensions don’t perfectly match your client’s hair, then we recommend that you dye your client’s hair to match the color of the extensions. This will help to ensure that your client’s hair perfectly matches the color of the extensions. Also, coloring your client’s hair will also improve the vibrancy of their hair.

Note: Since our tape in extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, it is POSSIBLE to deposit color on the extensions, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED. Depositing color the extensions should only be a last resort. If you do decide to deposit color on the extensions, the warranty on the extensions will be rendered null and void.

Hair Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

Since our extensions are made from human hair, they should perfectly mimic how your clients natural hair looks. With the variety of colors that we offer, you should be able to find the right extensions to work with your clients’ hair color. We also have tape in extensions that add an additional boost of vibrant colors with our tape in color extensions. In order to offer our high-quality tape in hair extensions in your salon, you will need to complete our certification courses. Take a look at the courses we have available to salon professionals.

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