How to Use Hair Extensions for Events

How to Use Hair Extensions for Events

Tape-In Hair Extensions Go Where You Go

There is much to love about tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions will have you looking good whether you’re galavanting off into the sunset or chilling at home with a book. The versatility of tape-in hair extensions is the reason that so many people want them. They look great, your hair care professional is on your side when you get them in, and you’ve still got plenty of what you love about the looks that are possible with tape-in hair extensions. Everywhere you go, your tape-in hair extensions go, too!

The County Fair

Nothing beats a day of fresh air and fried food! The county fair is a great place to love your tape-in hair extensions because of the ideal style for tape-in hair extensions, the low ponytail, is the way to go! With your little pony, cotton candy in one hand, and a fried twinkie in the other, you’re ready for an amazing day with so much fun, you will forget all about your tape-in hair extensions until you see the adorable pictures you’ve taken with your best friends!

Spring Break

Let’s get ready to party! You’ve got more than enough time to love your tape-in hair extensions when you head off to spring break with your friends for a week you won’t forget. Don’t forget to bring your tape-in extensions-friendly shampoo and conditioner! There’s no reason for those adorable beach waves to lose their shape to the spray of the sea! Whether your drink is a mimosa or a cosmo, bring your cutest suit and your biggest smile for all the selfies you’ll take!

School Dances

Ah, school dances! Whether your school calls them dances, socials, or formals, you’re guaranteed to have a blast! What a great place to make memories! And what a nightmare when it comes to getting your hair ready! The salons are booked to the utmost madness, and even your hair care professional will have a hard time getting you on the books! But if you can get into the salon to refresh your tape-in hair extensions, do it! You’ll feel amazing with the new you in your sassy dress. It’s selfie time again, and guess who’s the star?


The high school social event of the year will start off with a bang when you choose to get tape-in hair extensions! The glamorous style that you saw in the magazine is as good as yours as soon as the adhesive from your tape-in hair extensions is good to go! Change your look and be a princess for the night, and you’re going to wow them all! Your tape-in hair extensions will take your style to places that you didn’t think were possible, and you’ll never not feel like you, but a better you.

Black Tie Affair

The ultimate swanky event, and the most elegant thing that will happen to you outside of a coronation. Tuxedos, multi-course dinners, and the best style you’ve ever had, courtesy of your hair care professional, and tape-in hair extensions. You’ve got the perfect gown, the perfect bag, and all night to make a great impression, and your tape-in hair extensions will be there to make you memorable!