Using Tape In Hair Extensions for Volume

Using Tape In Hair Extensions for Volume

Tape in Hair Extensions For Volume

Did you know that you can use tape in hair extensions to add volume to your hair? With the lob and bob making a HUGE comeback this is super helpful for everyone. Celebrities have led the forefront in making this edgier and shorter length look to come to center stage. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to make the plunge into shorter hair but are worried about your hair volume, don’t worry! Tape in hair extensions are here to help and create the lob you’ve always craved.

Why You Should Add Tape In Hair Extensions for Volume:

Tape in Hair Extensions For Volume

Application Time

Depending on your current hair length and volume, adding extensions can take as little as 15 minutes. Who knew that your dream lob would be just a few minutes away?


For the extra volume you want to add into your hair, tape in hair extensions are the most cost-effective method of hair extensions. They also won’t need to be retapped for 6-8 weeks making them the longest lasting cost effective solution!

Protect Your Hair

If you’re constantly adding heat styling into your daily hair routine for that added volume you’re looking for, tape in hair extensions will protect your hair from heat damage. That extra layer of hair will protect your hair from your heat tools. You can also try out our Heat Treat + Shine!


You heard it here first! Tape in hair extensions are the most comfortable hair extension method. You won’t even notice they’re there due to easihair pro’s incredible patented panels.

Turn your limp lop into that edgier, sexier look you’ve also wanted by adding tape in hair extensions! Have any tips for adding extensions for volume? Let us know in the comments below!

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