Wake Up ‘n Go Hair

Dry Shampoo is your best friend when wearing tape in extensions or any human hair extensions for that matter – For normal hair, shampooing every day can strip the natural oils and dehydrate your strands. Skip the shower before bed time, and when you wake up use a dry shampoo or even baby powder to achieve that fresh look.

Leave-in conditioners treat damaged hair – For the more oily-prone, shampooing your hair daily may be a necessity. Adding our leave-in conditioner to your routine will treat damaged hair by infusing vital nutrients that are stripped from shampooing your hair. It is a lightweight product that will leave your hair feeling soft and silky! (www.easihairpro.com).

Hair Mask – Using a mask once a week will keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Massage the product thoroughly into your hair and wrap it in a microfiber turban or lay a towel over your pillow while you sleep. Rinse out the mask in the morning and your hair will feel smoother than ever.

Braid or bun before bed – If you take a shower before bed, let your hair air dry for a bit then apply a mousse. Twist your wet hair into a bun on top of your head and secure with a scrunchie. When you wake up you will have soft, natural wave. The same can be done with a braid, except make sure your hair is dry to avoid getting split ends.

Sleep with a silk pillowcase – The use of silk pillowcases is important for those who have hair extensions, because they will reduce hair breakage, help maintain moisture, and protect against tangling and frizz.