Wedding Hair: Using Tape In Hair Extensions

Wedding Hair: Using Tape In Hair Extensions

Bride Wearing Hair Extensions At Wedding

As brides prepare for their big day, they are likely thinking about the dress, jewelry, shoes, accessories, and makeup before their big day. One of the most important things that they think about is their hair. They see all the brides in the magazines with an intricate updo or have a long, beautiful waterfall of curls down their back. Many women may not realize that they may not be able to achieve the look that they want without the help of quality tape in hair extensions. When your clients give you a call to schedule their hair styling appointment for their wedding hair, you may also want to discuss the possibility of using tape in hair extensions

4 Things You Need to Know About Using Tape In Hair Extensions for Wedding Hair

Here are some things that you and your clients need to know about using tape in hair extensions for wedding hairstyles.

1. Tape In Hair Extensions Give the Hair Volume and Length

In order for the bride to get the intricate updo or the long curls down their back, their hair will likely need some additional volume and length that only hair extensions can provide. If they do not have hair extensions, the hairstyle won’t look exactly the way that they want it to look.

2. Tape In Hair Extensions Need to Be Applied at Least 2 Days Before the Wedding

In order for the adhesive to cure properly, the extensions need to be applied at least 2 days before the big day. These extensions cannot be washed or shampooed either, otherwise, the adhesive will not cure and they are likely to slip. If the bride does not have time in her schedule for an appointment for the tape in hair extension application, then you may be able to achieve the same effect with clip in hair extensions.

3. Tape In Hair Extensions Can Perfectly Blend Into Their Natural Hair

Our hair extensions come in 30 different colors so that you will be able to find the right colors to blend into your client’s hair. Our hair extensions will look realistic in your client’s wedding hairstyle.

4. Tape In Hair Extensions Are Easy to Wear and Style

Since our hair extensions are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, you will be able to style the extensions just as you would style their natural hair. Your clients will also love how easy it is to care for their hair extensions after the wedding. If they properly maintain their extensions, the extensions could last for multiple reapplications.

Creating Wedding Hair with Tape In Hair Extensions

Make sure that your clients look absolutely beautiful on their special day with the top hair extensions available to salon professionals. We only offer our beautiful hair extensions to licensed cosmetologists who have been certified through our courses. We do this to ensure that the cosmetologists we partner with feel confident applying and styling our quality hair extensions. Begin the certification process today to begin offering hair extensions in your salon.

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