What is Remy Hair and Why is It Important for Tape in Extensions?

What is Remy Hair and Why is It Important for Tape in Extensions?

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We love talking about the quality of our tape in hair extensions and how they are made with 100% Remy human hair. Many cosmetologists ask us what we mean when we say “Remy”, and how is it different that other type of extensions that simply say that they are human hair. We want to educate the stylists that we work with so that they understand the quality of our hair extensions and what makes us stand out from other hair extensions available on the market.

A Look at Remy Hair and Our Tape In Hair Extensions

Remy hair is a description of how the hair is manufactured so that the cuticle remains intact so that the tip of the hair can be distinguished from the root. When the hair is in the hair extensions, it should feel keep its natural texture should be in its natural cuticle direction.

How is Remy Hair Manufactured?

Remy hair refers to the way the hair is collected during the manufacturing process, where you can distinguish the root from the tip of the hair. The cuticle needs to remain intact in order to be considered Remy hair.. Otherwise, it is non-Remy hair and does not last as long as Remy hair and will begin to look dull and lifeless faster than Remy human hair.

Do Some Hair Extensions Companies Remove the Cuticle?

Yes, m-any hair extensions companies choose to remove the cuticle. This way they do not need the hair lined in its natural cuticle direction to manufacture their hair extensions. To remove the cuticle, they soak the hair in large acid baths. They will then coat the hair in a thick silicone coating so that the hair looks soft, smooth, and shiny.

Can People Distinguish Between Remy Human Hair and Non-Remy Hair?

Initially, it is very difficult to tell the difference between Remy hair and non-Remy hair. However, after a few weeks, it becomes more evident. As the hair is washed, the silicone coating begins to wear off and the hair begins to feel rough. The hair will begin to tangle easily and will become matted and difficult to style. Many hair extension companies will say that they sell Remy hair, but they could be using anywhere from 10-40% non-Remy hair in their hair extensions. Make sure that you only get extensions from a company that can claim that their hair is made from 100% Remy human hair.

How Can I Figure Out If the Hair Extensions are Made with Remy Hair?

Unfortunately, you are going to be paying for the quality of the hair. 100% Remy human hair is going to be more expensive than other types of extensions. However, your Remy Hair extensions are going to last much longer and are much easier to style with.

Getting Certified for Our Remy Tape In Hair Extensions

In order to offer our beautiful 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair extensions in your salon, you need to be certified through our courses. Our courses offer all the education that you need for maintaining our hair extensions. Take a look at our classes to understand the difference that your hair extensions can make in your salon.

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