What Is Remy Hair?

What Is Remy Hair?

Simply put, Remy hair refers to the way the human hair is collected during the manufacturing process. Hair is gathered in a ponytail, where the root end of the hair can be distinguished from the tip end of the hair. Non-Remy Hair by default is when you cannot distinguish the root from the tip.

So why is cuticle intact Remy hair so important? The cuticle is the protective layer surrounding the Cortex of the hair shaft, which handles shine, elasticity, moisture retention, and manageability of hair. When you remove the cuticle from the hair, the hair shaft eventually becomes useless.

About 95% of human hair manufacturers make tape in extensions and other forms of extensions applied by a licensed cosmetologist, cannot manufacture hair in large quantities without removing the cuticle first. The process of removing the cuticle fully or partially is achieved through the use of acid, which is a highly damaging and corrosive compound. Once the cortex is partially or fully exposed, the hair will become dry, damaged, lifeless, and tangled.

Remy is a powerful word in the industry due to its superiority and increased cost compared to non-Remy hair. Most manufacturers print 100% Remy Human Hair on their packaging, but how can you be sure that what is printed is authentic? You must clarify with your stylist or manufacturer to make sure the hair has the cuticle intact. If the cuticle is intact, then the hair is Remy human hair.

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