What to do with Hair Extensions

What to do with Hair Extensions

Doing the Best is Doing the Least

Hair extensions are what we reach for when we want a little more length and volume. Hair extensions are the way to go if you have an upcoming event, or if you’re looking to make a change. When you get hair extensions, you will need to make a few small changes here and there to accommodate them, but there’s no changing your life around your hair. Your hair will look as beautiful as you feel when you choose professionally-installed tape in hair extensions!

Make Sure Your Hair is Clean and Moisturized

There is nothing more important in the care of your hair extensions than making sure that they look good while they’re doing their job for you. You can use easihair pro’s hair extension shampoo. You can also just be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Carefully comb your hair extensions, being careful not to yank your hair, to detangle. You’ll be able to use loosely-placed rollers, and a blow dryer when you’re ready to style your hair for the day. A little more length and volume goes a long way, and you may need to grab a loose ponytail to tame all of that wild volume as you flip that hair, walking down the street!

Protect Your Hair

Protecting your hair is a breeze when you’ve got hair extensions to lean on. You’ll have a layer of protection between your hair, and the elements, and you won’t have to worry quite as much as you would when you were just wearing what your mother gave you. Giving your hair a little more protection from the elements means that your hair will have a chance to grow more quickly. This is because your ends, the oldest part of your hair, will have more protection and cushioning.

Style it Up Every Couple of Days

Part of caring for your hair extensions is making sure that you don’t stress the extensions, particularly at the point where the hair extension connects to your hair. This is the base of your extensions, and preserving the base helps you continue to look your best for weeks after your appointment. Make sure that you do, however, actually use your hair extensions. Dress up and do your amazing hair for a night out with the girls, or a night in without the kids, and you’ll have a steady stream of fabulous! When you’re ready to dress down and give your hair a break, try wearing a loose, low ponytail, and notice how cute you can be without too much hair.

Let Your Hair Rest between Applications

Some people love their hair extensions so much, they don’t want to be without them! This is understandable. Hair extensions make anyone look fabulous, and who doesn’t want to be fabulous? For those who don’t know what to do between sets of hair extensions, all you need to do is pamper your own hair. Take it easy on the color and heat styling, make sure that you use gentle, high-quality shampoos, and moisturizing conditioners. Using softened water and hair masks will also help your hair extension-ready between hair extensions applications.