Why Should You Wear easilengths?

hair we love february 12th

There are millions of reasons why you should wear easilengths. Okay, maybe not millions but here are a few of my favorite! My clients love easilengths. I use them on a daily basis.

easilengths is 100% human remy hair meaning the hair is placed where the cuticle is lying in the same direction, which affects whether the hair tangles easily or not. Placing the hair this way also protects the hair shaft from becoming dry and damaged.

How so you ask? It allows the hair to absorb more moisture so that you get more shine! Since easilengths is human hair you are able to use heat styling tools such as the flat iron, curling iron and hairdryer without jeopardizing the extensions as opposed to synthetic hair.

Due to the larger area of weight distribution breakage is not a challenge with the easilengths tape in extensions. It is the most lightweight option available as far as a permanent extension goes. Therefore, it isn’t damaging. It also lays flat against the head so it looks natural and believable.

No one will know and we won’t tell!

easilengths can add more volume, length or color in a short period of time. We’re talking in as little as 30 minutes. No, seriously.

Color matching and blending with easilengths is easy and simple. There are more than 28 colors that are available in solids, dual blends and tri blends. And 3 different lengths available for whatever your heart desires!

Bottom line is that they are fast, flexible, beautiful, realistic, and damage free.