Working with Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

Working with Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

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Dealing with color is an important thing to consider while you are applying hair extensions into your clients’ hair. It’s vital that you find a color that blends well with your clients’ hair. Although we offer over 30 colors, some clients may need custom-colored extensions. Part of the purpose of hair extensions is that they seamlessly blend into your clients’ hair for a natural-looking, fuller, thicker look. When the color of the hair extensions do not look quite right within their hair, the hair extensions will not blend seamlessly or look natural.

Tips for Working With Color and Our Tape In Hair Extensions

Take a look at some of our top tips for working with color and our tape in hair extensions.

1. Use Multiple Colors of Hair Extensions

Often stylists think that when they are applying hair extensions they really only need one color of hair extensions, however, this may not be the case. Many women have a diverse range of colors within their own hair. Often the outer layers of hair are lighter than the under layers of hair. We recommend that you actually use multiple colors to find the right colors depending on where the wefts are being applied into the hair.

2. Use Many Different Kinds of Lighting

When you are trying to figure out which color will blend correctly into your clients’ hair, it’s important to look at the hair extensions in multiple types of lighting. Once you figure out which colors look best in your clients’ hair in the salon, take your client and color ring outside to see what the hair extensions will look like in natural lighting. Check to see what colors look best in both kinds of lighting. This will help to make sure that the hair extensions look natural both indoors and outdoors.

3. Consider Using Hair Extensions as Highlights or Lowlights

If your client is not looking for volume or length, but wants to add pops of color, talk to your client about using the hair extensions as highlights or lowlights. This can create a really cool effect. Use a contrasting color that pairs well with their natural hair color.

4. Deposit Color onto Your Client’s Hair Extensions

If you are unable to find a color that matches your client’s hair we recommend changing the color of the extensions rather than the natural hair. This is the best strategy for creating beautiful, well-blended locks. Your client will appreciate not damaging their hair with color.

Be Creative with Color and Tape In Hair Extensions

We want to encourage the stylists that we work with to be innovative and create new styles with our hair extensions. If your clients want bright, vibrant colors in their hair, consider applying tape in color extensions.  We want your business to become more successful with the help of tape in hair extensions. We help teach stylists how to innovate with our extensions through our certification courses. View our courses to see how tape in hair extensions can help you expand your business.

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