Salon Professional Hair Extension

Certification Courses

easihair pro offers Online, Virtual, and In Salon Certification Courses for Salon Professionals. Our certification programs are designed with the Salon Professional in mind. Each course is tailored to best fit your needs; whether you’re an independent hairdresser or a multi-location salon.
To apply our hair extensions you must first be certified through our education courses as all of our products and processes are designed to work together beautifully. Get certified today!

Application, Removal & Reapplication of Tape in Hair Extensions

Becoming a certified easihair professional has never been easier or more affordable. easihair pro offers 3 affordable options; an onsite in-salon education, online education as well as education at our corporate office in San Diego, California.

easihair pro makes 3 unique promises to anyone attending our live certification courses; we promise to increase your average service ticket, increase your average retail sales and increase your pre-booking percentage.

In this course you’ll go beyond learning about:

  • Planning and Placement
  • Color Matching
  • Application
  • Cutting and Blending
  • Removal and Reapplication
  • Consultation
  • Home Care
  • How to identify who among your existing clientele is the perfect candidate for easihair pro tape in hair extensions and how to properly convert them

Course Qualifications:
Licensed Cosmetologist
Course Pre Requirements:
Course Availability:
National and International Monthly Courses
Course Format:
Live and/or on-line education

Sewn Method Certification

What you’ll learn in your High Quality ehp Sewn Method Certification

At easihair pro, our mission statement is “Creating Successful Salon Professionals”. In order to do just that, we cannot simply give you a look and learn, or the technical skill of applying and removing ehp Hand Tied and Slim Wefts. To create successful salon professionals, we focus on every aspect of the salon experience; from what happens before the appointment at the front desk, to the hairdresser, the salon owner, and everyone involved in creating the client experience. We’ve created these programs to help salon professionals generate revenue and maximize profitability. The easihair pro systems allows hairdressers to work smarter, to eliminate any guesswork and ensure they are set up for success. 

  • Preparing for the service
  • Products and Tools
  • Identifying opportunity
  • Creating your ideal clientele
  • Front desk support
  • Offering solutions vs selling
  • The ehp conversion consultation
  • Are they a Sewn Method candidate?
  • Formulating the Look
  • Application
  • Cutting and Finishing
  • Pre-Booking
  • Retail and Home Care
  • Leveraging through social media
  • The Client check up
  • The Sewn Method ReApplication
  • Pricing recommendations
  • Trouble shooting & FAQ’s

Online Education available now!

Register by calling Customer Care


Cutting and Blending Hair Extensions

easihair pro’s introduction to “Basic Hair Extension Cutting and Blending” provides you with a foundational knowledge of custom tape in hair extension application. Our comprehensive online tutorial focuses on six cutting, blending, and face framing techniques that will ensure your clients look their best.

The biggest fear hairstylists have with regards to hair extensions relates to cutting. This is easy to understand when you consider the cost associated with fixing any mistakes; confidence comes from experience and therefore without experience confidence can be lacking!

This online video series will help you build your confidence and show you how easy it is to cut. It’s only easy if you know how, but after watching this series we are confident you will have a solid foundation for customizing a full length application of easilengths. Our comprehensive online tutorial focuses on the following for perfecting your cutting skill set:

  • Perimeter Cutting
  • Blending
  • Adding layers
  • Face Framing
  • Point cutting
  • Razor cutting
  • Razor slide cutting
  • Texturizing
  • Channel cutting
  • Slide cutting

Course Qualifications:
Licensed Cosmetologist
Course Pre Requirements:
Successful completion of Level 1 Certification
Course Availability:
National and International Courses
Course Format:
Live and or on-line education

Top of the Head Solutions

Receive in-depth instruction on top of the head solution candidates, consultations, color matching/blending, hair extension placement, cutting/blending, troubleshooting, removal/reapplication, hair piece care, pricing, ordering, and returns.

Level 3 Certification is an advanced course. This course is an introduction to hair replacement including how to add extensions and hair pieces to the top of your clients head. This course can be completed online with a mannequin that we provide, or you are welcome to come to our 2 day live education course.

The course covers classes on the following:

  • Candidates for hair pieces
  • Consultation
  • Color matching and blending
  • Placement and hair extension incorporation
  • Basic cutting and blending
  • Troubleshooting
  • Removal and reapplication
  • Hairpiece Care
  • Pricing for success
  • Ordering and Returns

Course Qualifications:
Licensed Cosmetologist
Course Pre Requirements:
Successful completion of Level 1 Certification
Course Availability:
National and International Courses
Course Format:
In Salon and/or on-line education

Cash Flow Camp

  • Are you a Salon/Spa owner seeking ways to grow your Cash Flow & Profitability?
  • Would you like an easy 3-step system to attract, hire and inspire your ideal dream team?
  • Would you like to learn, understand and implement the 3 ways you should be paid as an owner?
  • Are you interested in learning how to increase your retail sales by 400%-1000%?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the PERFECT educational course for you!

Cash Flow Camp is for salon owners and managers who want tactical and practical business skills, knowledge and proven systems to create a thriving and sustainable business. Create and grow a business that works for you, instead of you working for it.  Cash Flow Camp is also ideal for entrepreneurs looking to expand locations or even open a new salon. This course will save you thousands of dollars by preventing the industry’s most common mistakes made by salon owners while helping you to be profitable.

What graduates love most is the professional hands-on attention given by the team of certified and experienced coaches and trainers who are by your side, guiding you every step of the way. You will complete this course with a customized strategy and action plan to immediately grow your business and profit!

Top Gun Front Desk

Dramatically Increase Service & Retail Sales, Bookings and Guest Experience at the Front Desk

The Front Desk team is the heartbeat of your Salon/Spa’s entire operation. It is the first and last impression for all your guests. Your Front Desk team is the voice, face, and attitude of your business, and reflects your salon/spa brand. When run effectively with systems and processes it is guaranteed to make you money vs. costing money!

You will learn “How To”

  • Explode retail & service sales at the Front Desk
  • Create a WOW experience with each guest – every time!
  • Transform your Front Desk team into Pre-Booking masters!
  • Turn phone calls into booked appointments and add-on sales
  • Get your guests spending more money with you and loving it!
  • Convert unhappy guests into Raving Fans