COVID-19 Updates

A message to our salon partners from Vice President, Lance Courtney.


Ordering Announcement:

easihair pro is currently taking orders and our customer care team is available to help you by phone, text or web. Thank you for being patient with us during this time; for expedited service, we recommend placing orders via our website or easihair pro app.

If you do not yet have the ehp app on your phone, visit your phone’s App Store to download now.

Current Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00AM–4:30PM | Saturday & Sunday Closed

12 Critical Sanitation Steps to Successful Reopening

It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.


12 Action Steps to Strategic Booking & Client Notification


Virtual Consultations – the New Normal (Part 1)

We understand that the people who depend on our products and services may be concerned about the implications of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our ability to serve them. Please be assured we are monitoring the outbreak closely and are taking ongoing actions to keep everyone safe.

Warehousing & Packaging

Following state and local guidance, we’re taking enhanced precautions across our supply chain and asking our partners to do the same. This includes increased workplace cleansing and sanitation at our distribution facilities, and actively having all non-warehouse employees work from home, while enforcing healthy hygiene habits according to CDC guidelines in the workplace.

3rd Party Delivery

We’re working closely with our shipping partners who are following guidance from the World Health Organization and are conducting detailed employee awareness campaigns about COVID-19 to stay safe and prevent further spread.

Product Safety

All products provided by easihair pro follow strict quality control measures to ensure consumer safety. This includes packaging that seals and protects the product from external contamination.

Education Support

Live events and education classes through May have been postponed, and new dates will be shared as soon as we are able to confirm. Meanwhile, all our salon partners can log into our site with their username and password to access our library of online education to stay focused and level up their skills during this downtime. All live education requests or questions should be addressed to

We understand that these are uncertain times and hope you can take comfort knowing that we are do everything we can do keep our communities safe and healthy. We will continue to provide updated information as the situation evolves.

Protect Your Employees & Your Clients

At ehp we believe that one of the most important steps in preparing for “lights on, doors open” involves creating a visual representation of safety and certainty that your salon holds every guest’s health and wellbeing as your highest priority. Thus far the many Governing offices are mandating the use of masks when in public. Regardless, until we fully understand this virus or have a vaccine, ehp believes that following a handful of best practices will go a long way at keeping the virus not only out of our business’s, but out of our bodies.

K95 Respirator Masks

Recommended for Service Providers & Front-Desk Staff

Disposable Masks

Recommended for Guests & Back-Office Staff


The link is set-up so anyone who has the link can view, but not edit the information. The link can be accessed anytime and includes a “date of last change” column, so it’s clear when specific state information was last updated.

A few things to pay attention to:

  • If there is no End Date listed, it means the mandate is currently open-ended.
  • This will be thoroughly updated 3x/week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
  • There is a Notes column. This column is to make certain clarifications about mandates/salon closures. For example, Alaska and Georgia do not allow us to link directly to a specific mandate, instead only allowing us to link to a page where all mandates are listed. The Notes field indicates which mandate specifies the relevant information, so you can find it more easily. In other states, such as Idaho, amendments are made to the initial order without issuing a new one, so we have indicated that in the Notes field. Some states FAQ pages are helpful to understanding the order, so we included them in the Notes field.

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COVID-19 in Real-Time

The metric being tracked here (Rt) represents the effective reproduction rate of the virus calculated for each locale. This indicates how many secondary infections are likely to occur from a single infection in a specific area. Values over 1.0 mean we should expect more cases in that area, values under 1.0 mean we should expect fewer.

Rt graphs reflect corrections for the amount of testing done over time in any given state.

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Watch our recorded Zoom Webinar as we get tactical and practical on the critical steps that salon professionals need to take right now to reimagine their businesses and prepare for a successful re-opening to make your comeback greater than your setback.

What we will cover:

  • Vital re-opening employee preparation and training
  • Sanitation set up and procedures
  • Overcoming scheduling constraints
  • Effective client notification processes
  • Virtual consultations
  • Practical steps on how to make up for lost revenue
  • Reimagining the client journey the “new normal”

This hard-hitting, high-impact webinar will be hosted by Lance Courtney (Vice President) and Angie Gilmore (Director of Products & Programs) as we explore this and more for your “Lights on, doors Open” initiative.

Watch Now