Disposable Masks

At ehp we believe that one of the most important steps in preparing for “lights on doors open” involves creating a visual representation of safety and certainty that your salon holds every guest’s health and wellbeing as your highest priority. We believe Governing offices will mandate the use of masks when in public. Regardless, until we fully understand this virus or have a vaccine, ehp believes that following a hand full of best practices will go a long way at keeping the virus not only out of our business’s but out of our bodies.

Recommended for Guests & Back Office Staff

  • FDA and CE approved
  • 3 layer
  • Fastening sterile masks are fixed with elastic straps and high quality fiber to help reduce facial irritation.
  • Masks delivered in either white or blue depending upon material availability.
  • 1 Box = 50 Masks
  • $37.50 Per Box