Our Hair Extensions and Products

Achieving Length and Volume with Hair Extensions

easihair pro offers the highest quality hair extensions and hair products to salon professionals. Our tape in hair extensions are a high quality semi-permanent hair solution for any women looking to add volume and length to their hair styles. We have a variety of hair extensions available in a wide spectrum of colors and lengths, so you can help your clients choose the right kind of extensions for their hair. We provide hair products to help your clients properly maintain their extensions.

Tape In Hair Extensions

Our tape in hair extensions have been manufactured with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. They look completely natural in any woman’s hair and any licensed cosmetologist will easily be able to apply them. We know that your that your clients absolutely love their extensions and how they look in their hair.



Clip In Hair Extensions

Our clip in hair extensions are a step up from any other clip in hair extensions on the market. Your clients will love how easily they can install them into their hair after you have styled and customized the extensions for their hair. The clip in extensions are the perfect solution for women looking to add some temporary volume and length.


brunette and blonde hair extensions

Hair Pieces

Our hair pieces and top of the head solutions are a great option for women who have noticed thinning in their hair. We have wonderful hair pieces that stylists can easily blend into their clients’ natural hair to give a voluminous look. Our hair pieces add the right amount of volume and length to any women who need thicker hair.


long blonde and brunette hair extensions

Hair Care

Our hair products have been specifically manufactured to help your clients maintain their hair extensions. We also have all the products that you need for proper removal and upkeep of their extensions. Look through our products to see how we can help your clients properly maintain their hair extensions.


hair extensions products

Educating Stylists and Their Clients About Our Hair Extensions

Partner with easihair pro to see how our hair extensions can help you expand your salon. Hair extensions are a highly desirable service in any salon. If your salon is not offering high-quality hair extensions, it’s likely that the salon across town is. Your clients may choose to go elsewhere if you aren’t providing the quality of extensions that they want in their hair. Your clients will love having our extensions in their hair, and you will enjoy how easy it is to apply them into your clients’ hair. We offer many different courses so that you feel completely confident applying, maintaining, reapplying, and removing our hair extensions. Get certified today to apply our hair extensions and see how you can improve your business.

What Level of Quality are Your Hair Extensions?

We create our professional hair extensions with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair. This will ensure that the hair will always remain lustrous and shiny. Your clients will be able to style and maintain their extensions just as they would with their natural hair. With tape in hair extensions, you do not need to worry about your clients’ hair being damaged by the weight of the attachments. easihair pro hair extensions are easy to style and work with. Whether your clients need hair extensions for everyday styling or for special occasions, easihair pro has the perfect hair extensions for your clients.

How Can Hair Extensions Help Expand My Business?

Our hair extensions are an attractive salon service for any woman who is looking to boost the volume and length of their hair. Since our hair extensions are so easy to apply, it’s easy for licensed cosmetologists to learn how to use them. We want to educate salon professionals how to apply our extensions into their clients’ hair and show them how our hair extensions can help them improve their business.

Since our hair extensions are so versatile and can easily be blended into any woman’s hair, they are the perfect solution for any salon. Our certification process is very simple and can be completed online. We offer multiple courses so that you understand all the best ways to properly style your clients’ hair to make the hair extensions look as natural as possible. Take a look at our classes and see how you can get certified with easihair pro.

How Do I Choose Best Hair Extensions For My Clients?

We have a number of different hair extensions available based on your clients needs Through our certification courses, we teach stylists cutting and blending techniques so that our hair extensions look natural within your clients’ hair. When it comes to color, we have the perfect match for your clients. We have a wonderful variety of blondes, brunette, reds, and blacks. Since they are made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, they will have the similar dimension and depth of color as your clients natural hair.

What Does Maintenance Look Like?

When it comes to our extensions, it’s not only important that stylists understand how to use our hair extensions, but also that they can teach their clients how to maintain them. Since our extensions are such high quality, your clients will only need to come for professional maintenance and reapplication every 5-8 weeks. If your clients keep their extensions well maintained, they will be able to last two or more applications. We offer all the necessary hair products your clients need to correctly care for their extensions, so they will be able to make sure that their hair extensions always look amazing.

Do You Have Bright Color Hair Extensions?

Not only do we offer hair extensions in 30 natural colors, but we offer color hair extensions that are a bit brighter! Our color extensions give your clients an additional pop of color without needing to worry about damaging their hair due to excess coloring or proper maintenance for colored hair. Both you and your clients will love the way that they look with our high-quality hair extensions in their hair.