Hair Accessories & Tools

Caring for Your Hair Extensions with Our Hair Accessories & Tools

We offer all the products you need for application, removal, and reapplication of our hair extensions. We also offer all the hair products your clients need to properly maintain their extensions in between appointments. Our maintenance products are salon quality and can be used to care for your clients’ natural hair as well as their extensions. Your clients will love how their hair and extensions look and feel after using our products. Take a look at all of the hair products we have available to salons.

Release product for hair extensionsRelease

Alcohol-based remover, primarily used to remove easiLengths tape in extension panels.


Clean Up

Used to remove any residue left on the client’s hair after removal of a tape in panel.


Leave-In Conditioner For Hair ExtensionsLeave-In Conditioner

Lightweight hair repair prescriptive that will leave your hair feeling soft, silky and smooth.


Hair Extensions Treatment SprayHeat Treat + Shine

Adds incredible shine while protecting your hair from damage caused by blow dryers and hot tools.


Shampoo For Hair ExtensionsHair Extension Shampoo

Formulated specifically for our tape in extensions, this product will cleanse & protect your hair.


Clarifying Hair Extensions ShampooClarifying Shampoo

Our deep cleansing formula is designed to remove styling product buildup, residue and oils from hair.


Detangling Brush For Hair ExtensionsWet/Dry Detangling Brush

The best brush for detangling hair, especially hair with hair extensions.


New Hair Insurance Kit For Hair ExtensionsHair Insurance Kit

With our hair insurance kit, your clients will be able to properly maintain their extensions.


Premium Hair Insurance Kit For Hair ExtensionsPremium Hair Insurance Kit

With our premium hair insurance kit, your clients will be able to give their extensions the care that they need to stay looking beautiful and fresh.


Rush And Brush For Hair Extensions (1)Rush and Brush

The perfect dry shampoo your clients need when they need to quickly freshen up their hair.


Eliminator Shears By easihair proEliminator Shears

Its build in low reduction rate to allows stylists to blend and layer extensions without actually cutting.


Easi Hair Pro Hair Extension Placement Card Diagram GrayPlacement Board

A must-have tool for planning, organizing, and assisting in your extension application, removal, and re-application process.


barrage-001 - Barrage Shower Head Water SystemBarrage

The Barrage water system softens and purifies water and helps reduce water consumption.


Hair Products for Your Salon

Our hair extensions and hairpieces can be used for everyday length and volume, event hair or as a hair loss treatment. Since they are such high quality, if they are well maintained they can last from several months to a year. In order to keep them maintained, your client will need to use the right products. We offer a number of wonderful hair products to the salons that we work with. Your clients will love using our shampoos and our leave in conditioner. Your clients will notice the difference that our products can make in their hair. We are only able to offer our hair products to licensed cosmetologists who have been certified through our courses. See how easihair pro can boost your business with our extensions and hair products.

Only licensed cosmetologists can purchase our hair care products and accessories. Sign up for an easihair pro account to get started.