Top Volume Max

Maximize Your Clients’ Top of the Head Volume

One-piece hair amplification system adds instant thickness to the top of the head for women experiencing beginning-mid stages of hair loss or desire more volume. Monofilament base clips onto the top of the head using pressure sensitive clips for all day comfort. Top Volume Max has a larger base (5” x 5.75- 3)

Lengths: 12″, and 18″

Contains: 1 Pc. System

Average Product Life:
6 to 12 Months With Proper Care

Sku: 733 Length: 12″ Price: $375.00

Sku: 735A Length: 18″ Price: $475.00

This top of the head solution can create a realistically add volume to your clients hair with the various colors that we provide. Whether your clients need their hair piece in a brilliant blonde or a deep black, or any of the rich browns or vibrant reds inbetween, we have the right colors for your clients.