Rodney Cutler

Salon Stylist and Hair Extensions Expert

Rodney had his beginnings at Bumble & Bumble and has been quoted in the media as saying “working at Bumble & Bumble exposed me to the highest level of hair dressing”. He has also said with regard to his big breaks that they were “incremental and that one opportunity has opened the door to the next”.

How has Rodney gotten himself to the next level? He has put himself in situations that forced him to push the envelope beyond his comfort zone. He has said “the best way to get your career to the very next level as a hairdresser is to put yourself in work environments that take you out of your area of expertise, whether it’s photo shoots or runway shows.”

Rodney’s favorite hairstyles of all time? The graduated bob “as seen on Louise Brooks” which is timeless. He has also said he loves “Gisele Bundchen’s sexy waves that are just so versatile and consumer friendly that they reintroduced curls in a friendly way that is sexy”.

Rodney hs the reputation of being a great guy and easy to talk to. He doesn’t put on airs or throw his celebrity hairstyling accomplishments around. He is actually quite humble and down-to-earth. Check out Rodney’s NYC salons at