ehp Professional Hand Tied Hair Extensions

18″ to 20″ Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Available In:

14″ to 16″ 18″ to 20″ 22″ to 24″

Contains: 2 hand tied wefts, 11″ width

What does our length range mean?

Each Weft measures to the fullest at the first number and tapers naturally two inches. This saves you time behind the chair by not needing to cut and blend the extensions into your Client’s biological hair. Our Natural Taper also allows for more options when Seamless Layering.

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1N - Black Licorice
3N - Brownie Finale
4N - Fudgesicle
4N5N - Chocolate Mocha
5N - Cocoa
5N7GB - Cocoa Twist
6G10CG - English Toffee
7N10G11N - Pecan Praline
8N - Brown Sugar
8N10N - Creme Soda
10N - Marzipan
10G12G - Buttered Popcorn
11N12G - Poppy Seed
12G - White Chocolate
12N - Champagne
10NB12N - Cream Puff
7NA11N - Vanilla Swirl
O4N6N - Chocolate Toffee (Ombré)
O6N9N - Hazelnut Latte (Ombré)
O7NA12N - Vanilla Latte
R5N12G - Creme Brulee

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The easihair pro Hand Tied Hair Boxes are compact, stackable, and easy to read because we know space is in your salon is valuable. This 4×4 box features an outer label clearly displaying the Length, Salon Color Level, and Hair Color Name.

What’s in the Box? So Many Options!  

Each ehp Hand Tied Hair box contains (2) easihair pro Hand Tied Wefts and 1 Warranty card sticker. Please keep this card, it can easily be added to Client history cards to keep track of  color and length combinations. The information on this card will be required in the rare event that a return is necessary.

The Hand Tied Hair Weft:  

Each strand of hair is hand knotted to create an 11” wide weft for the ideal combination of density and flexibility. The weft is thin by design allowing you to combine multiple weft colors and lengths in one, or multiple rows, to create the perfect custom look. At each end of the ehp Hand Tied weft is the weft Tether.

The Tethers (visible 3” at the ends of each hand tied weft) is a combination of multiple nylon threads used as a base in which the hair is “hand tied” thus giving it the name Hand Tied Weft.

The Colors  

Handtied wefts are available in 21 of easihair pro’s most popular colors, with more to come!

Rooted (R): 

All Lengths: 1.5″ solid, 1″ transition

Ombre (O):

14″ to 16″: 3″ solid root, 3″ transition
18″ to 20″: 4″ solid root, 3″ transition
22″ to 24″: 5″ solid root, 3″ transition

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 2 in